Foreign languages in RUDN
The programme «Translator» allows everyone interested to
  • obtain two degrees at RUDN University: main degree in the chosen specialty and vocational training in translation
  • obtain an additional qualification of a translator in the field of intercultural communication and translation in the field of professional activities (under the main educational programme of the Main Educational Programmes)
  • receive two diplomas – higher education diploma and the one of vocational retraining
  • work for internationally oriented companies, perform professional activities both in Russian and a foreign language in Russia, perform the activities they are qualified for in international companies and organizations.
What languages ​​can be studied?
General foreign language skills
oral and written communication, phonetics and intonation, vocabulary, grammar, stylistics of the target language
Foreign language as a language of specialty
terminology, models, genres of communication in a foreign language in the area of professional activities
Translation and interpreting
general and oriented to a specific area of professional activities
Using information and communication technologies in translation and interpreting
Programme length
4 years simultaneously with bachelor’s programme,
2 years simultaneously with master’s/postgraduate programme.

The tuition fee is 84,000 RUB per year in any field of study regardless of the level.

  • in public and corporate entities
  • in legislative, executive and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation
  • in ministries and public authorities of the Russian Federation
  • in international companies based in the Russian Federation
  • in various economic industries, including manufacturing, education, hospitality business, international organizations