How to Get Books for the Term

You may get the books, having previously consulted the extracurricular activities tutor on the schedule. If you are not a first-year student, make sure that you owe the library no book from the previous semester. In case the library does not have the books you need, you may get them from partner libraries. The list of partner libraries is available upon your request.

You will need one of these:

Student ID Student ID
Student ID Student's record book
Student ID Interim certificate
Within the designated hours
Monday – Thursday 13.00 – 17.45
Friday and Saturday 13.00 – 16.45
Book Circulation Regulations

Library books will be issued for home lending for the period of:

  • one or two semesters depending on the discipline
  • 10 days for scientific and belles-lettres books (no more than 3 books at a time)
  • one day for single copies, periodicals and reference books

Electronic documents availability depends on the database regulations. Whether or not the materials might be downloaded depends specifically on the resource.

In-House Databases
provides full authorized access to its materials, with login being part of the name in the first line of the student ID, password
– student ID number. E-library system accumulates five databases. “Student Consultation” Database
- provides study materials on Law, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Philology, Physics, History, Ecology. “Troitsky Bridge” Database
- provides study materials on Customs Service, Food Technologies, Merchandizing, Public Catering, Hospitality and Tourism.
provides study materials in all fields of knowledge
provides study materials in all fields of knowledge
provides access to classical works in History, Philosophy, Sociology, Literary Criticism, Economics, Law, Psychology, Pedagogy and Belles-Lettres.
For access to full-text dissertations you will need to file an application form at and contact its administrator, providing your full name and e-mail address
historical books and documents on the history of Russia
full-text documents of Columbia University
"Publications on Social and Humanitarian Disciplines" and "Statistical Editions of Russia and the CIS Countries" Collection
books and journals on marketing, management, finance, personnel management
information materials from the United States and other countries on law and business with the latest updates on business news
presents 53 branches / 600 sources/ 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / principal materials / articles and interviews of 13000 top officials. Remote access is granted after your registration from inside RUDN.
more than 5000 electronic newspapers and journals from 100 countries in different languages
digital resources of the national cultural heritage (more than 500,000 documents) on the theory, history and practice of Russian statehood and the Russian language. Access is granted from the Library premises.
Access is granted from the computers in the Library and the NHF building through a dedicated access line.
books on Russia’s history and culture
350 journals in various fields of knowledge
materials on computer and applied sciences
journals, collections of papers and standards by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
abstract database providing information on scientific and technical publications in the fields of physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computer technology and control systems, information technology for business, engineering and manufacturing technologies, etc.
I and VII Collections /Arts & Sciences – journals and books of humanitarian specialization
abstract database by American Mathematical Society: books, journals and collections of papers in all areas of mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics
a scientific social network with around 3 million users that enables to find like-minded scientists, learn the trends in modern research, organize a personal library, read, comment, distribute, manage the storage of and cite scientific publications
full-text journals by Nature Publishing Group in various subject-matter areas
full-text journals in the following areas: medicine, humanities, social sciences, life sciences, jurisprudence, mathematics and physics
analysis and visualization of biological mechanisms
more than 3.8 million dissertations from 88 countries and 2700 organizations across the globe
contains the data from 95 patent offices throughout the world
information resource for chemosynthesis specialists
full-text journals by Royal Chemical Society (UK)
a blue-ribbon multidisciplinary publication American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
"Freedom Collection" of full-text journals in all fields of knowledge. Remote access may be asked for from the administrator:
Springer eJournals collection in various fields of knowledge
Springer Reference provides a full access to static and dynamic reference publications on any topic
a collection of scientific protocols in various fields of knowledge
a collection of scientific materials in the field of Physics and Engineering (The Landolt-Bornstein Database)
a multidisciplinary collection of articles from scientific journals
blue-ribbon journals on Medicine and Chemistry
on the topics of human rights, criminal law, nanotechnology, etc.
Scientometric databases and analytical tools
multidisciplinary scientific citation database
an information-analytical system based on Web of Science (WoS) Database
a scientometric database by Elsevier Publishing House. Remote access is assisted by the administrator:
tools to analyze the status of world science and work out development strategies
a free web search engine for full-text scientific publications in all formats and fields of study, indexing the full text of scholarly literature
Working Schedule and Contact Information

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Reading Room
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Friday 10.00 – 17.45
Saturday 10.00 - 16.45
Closed for cleaning – every last working day of the month
Books are issued on:
Monday – Thursday 13.00 - 17.45
Friday and Saturday 13.00 - 16.45
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