Space Law Research

Space Law Research is an international journal on the fields regulated by international law.

Content is based on original contributions in the following fields:

  • international space law
  • national space legislation
  • international space organizations
  • sustainability of space activities (security and safety aspects, space debris etc.)
  • space applications (Earth observation, telecommunications, navigation etc.)
  • space traffic management, space situational awareness, aerospace studies
  • commercial uses of outer space, such as on-orbit servicing, the use of space resources, or mega-constellations
  • environmental aspects of space activities
  • liability for damage caused by space objects
  • prevention of an arms race in space, etc.


  • Alongside full-length papers
  • opinion pieces
  • case studies
  • short reports

Full-length papers are subject to a double-blind peer review system.

Views and opinions expressed in the journal are not necessarily those of the editors or members of the editorial board, at the same time the journal can alert legal makers and international organizations to the views of authors of one or another issue.