Studios and collectives
International dance ensemble ‘Rhythms of Friendship’

The repertoire includes over 250 dances. The main feature of the performances is that they are close to the original source and adhere to traditions. The dance of Colombian fishermen, Arabic Dabka, Gumboot dance of African miners, Ukrainian Hopak are the brightest and most memorable performances staged by students. The dances of the peoples of Russia will also be taught here: Russian circle dances, Tatar, Bashkir, Mari dances, dances of the peoples of the North, etc.

Studio of musical plastics ‘Isadora’

The main principle of the studio is expressing emotions through dance. On its stage, the studio brings together followers of the "free dance" founder from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Greece. Here everyone can become a choreographer and create a dance piece under their own impression from the music. Classes help develop lightness, flexibility and fluency, and all exercises are based on breath work.

Canto academic vocal studio

Regardless of the genre in which you intend to sing, academic vocalism will become the basis for creative development.

International vocal studio ‘Raduga’ (Rainbow)

Folk songs in Malagasy, Persian, Arabic, Greek. Here students from different countries sing their own songs. The repertoire includes folk performances, jazz performances, musical theaters.

KRAPIVA folk vocal studio

Here they teach how to perform Russian folk songs with African, Turkish, Caucasian drums, and Armenian duduk. The band members sing not only folk songs, but also cover versions of modern popular melodies in their own style. They are united by love of folklore, creativity drive and unconventional approach to performances.

Interclub vocal school

Pop vocal classes are conducted according to the teaching methods developed by the teaching staff of the US Universal College. The main idea is a natural, beautiful sound production that does not change the timbre and inborn capabilities.

Interclub Caucasian dance studio

The repertoire of the ensemble includes dances of the peoples of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia: from flowing noble dances (Honga-Kaft, Simd, Kafa dance) to fast courageous ones (Mtiuluri, Chechen dance). Here they do not just teach the technique of movements, you get acquainted with the history of the peoples of the Caucasus with the peculiarities of their life through dances.

Adele contemporary dance studio

Dancing in the samba reggae, contemporary, jazz ballet, hip hop, frame up, jazz funk dance styles - all classes are aimed at developing motor skills, a sense of rhythm, coordination of movement, stretching and flexibility. Stanislavski’s system of acting techniques is used in the performances.

Theater of oriental dance ‘Amaren’

Oriental Show Bellydance, Khaliji, Iraqi, Bollywood dances, beautiful costumes and colorful images.

Art of declamation studio and Interclub Youth Theatre

Group and individual training, creative laboratories, lectures on acting ... Acting theatrical performances are held at the end of the year. Regular classes in a theater studio allow you to overcome the fear of public speaking, free yourself from inhibitions, learn to control your voice and diction, acquire flexibility in plastic action, master the technique of projecting yourself into any character, which helps not only on stage, but also in life.

What? Where? When? intellectual games club

Training for the intellectual games ‘What? Where? When?’, ‘Your Own Game’, ‘Brain Ring’ is conducted according to the methods of experts Maksim Potashev, Boris Levin, Alexander Tobenhaus. Classes develop logical thinking skills, broaden horizons, teach how to work in a team, help find new friends. The club annually organizes the What? Where? When? Student Championship and RUDN University Cup. Members and alumni of the club also participate in intelligent television programmes.