Events and Invitations


18 Oct
Seminar “N,O-Chelated azine-enol boron complexes featuring different fusion patterns of aromatic rings in the azine fragment”
In this study, a series of N,O-chelated azine-enol boron complexes featuring four different fusion patterns between the benzene and pyridine rings of the azine fragment was synthesized and characterized. The optical properties of the corresponding complexes have been assessed in dichloromethane solution and in solid state. In the latter case the assessment was performed for both powder samples as well as batches of single crystals allowing to identify several cases of mechanochromism and one case of polymorphism-dependent emission.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
4 Oct
Seminar “Environmental Protection in Agriculture”
The scientific seminar is aimed at establishing academic ties, as well as creating a dialogue platform for the exchange of modern approaches for sustainable agriculture.
3 Oct
Seminar “Absence of nontrivial weak solutions, some nonlinear algorithms with gradient nonlinearity”
Sufficient conditions for the absence of nontrivial weak solutions of nonlinear inequalities and systems with integer powers of the Laplace operator and with a nonlinear term of the form a(x)|∇(∆mu)|q+ b(x)|∇u|s are considered.
3 - 5 Oct
Scientific Seminar “Environmental pollution by hydrocarbins: advances in morning, assessment and remediation”
The Research center “Smart technologies for sustainable development of the urban environment in the global change” Agrarian and Technological Institute RUDN University organizes an international scientific seminar “Environmental pollution by hydrocarbins: advances in morning, assessment and remediation”, which will be held on October 03-05.
3 Oct
Seminar “Mathematical modeling of nonequilibrium phase transformations in metastable media”
The talk will consider issues related to modeling of nonequilibrium phase transformations in various physical systems rapidly reduced to a deep metastable state. Superheated liquid, supercooled melt, supersaturated solution will be considered as such systems.