Events and Invitations


21 May
Scientific seminar “Radioecological protection of the population in a potentially radon-hazardous territory”
More than half of the dose from natural sources of radiation is created by radon and its daughter decay products. The radon entering the buildings is released mainly from the soils lying at the base of the foundation.
20 May
Scientific seminar "Modern problems of the geoenvironment"
The scientific seminar "Modern problems of geoecology" is held quarterly. At the upcoming seminar, technogenic pollution based on anomalous geochemical fields will be discussed, as well as ecological and geochemical features of the soils of the Karadag Reserve, which are the most important modern geoecological problems with the involvement of young and foreign scientists.
16 May
Round table "International Climate Day"
Every year on May 15, our planet unofficially celebrates an environmental event named as International Climate Day, which is a response to the call of meteorologists to protect the climate as an important resource that affects the well-being of current and future generations.
11 May
International Scientific Seminar «IoT technologies for ecosystem monitoring: towards a new era in urban ecology»
During the seminar, we will consider the prospects of using sensors in the assessment of ecosystem services, public monitoring, and management of green infrastructure. Experts and participants will discuss topics such as the use of dust sensors, audio sensors, portable weather stations. Separately, we will consider the issue of civil science projects, the organization of projects in the format of an Open laboratory.