February 13, 2017 DAY OF SCIENCE

February 13, 2017


Classes for 1 and 2 pairs are held on schedule,

From 12.30 students and teachers participate in the work of the sections.

General working schedule:

12.30 - 16.00 - Section session:

- section of history (room 514, chief - Candidate of History, Associate Professor EV Lin'kova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, senior lecturer AA Kudelin);

- section of political science (room 315, chief - Prof. SA Stepanov);

- section of comparative political science (room 304, executive - Ph.D., associate professor DB Kazarinov);

- Section of Sociology (room 417, head - PhD, assistant TI Larin);

- section of international relations and foreign regional studies (room 325, doctor of history, professor MA Shpakovskaya);

- Section of Philosophy (room 614, Ph.D., Associate Professor SA Lokhov);

- Section of the Theory and History of Culture (room 204, assistant - Yu.A. Kirsanov);

- section of the state and municipal management (room 414, responsible PhD, senior lecturer OV Filatov);

- Section of Foreign Languages ​​(room 503, 504, 403, 914, 512, 513, responsible - Ph.D., Associate Professor G.O. Lukyanov, Ph.D., Assoc. E.Yu. Kartseva, senior lecturer NV Kuznetsova, Ph.D., associate professor GA Khimich, Ph.D., associate professor LM Spynu, Ph.D., associate professor TM Solovyova).

14.00 - 14.30 - Break.

14.30 - 16.00 - Continuation of meetings of sections and summing up.

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26 Oct 2020
Winners of grant projects "BE MASTER" and "PROJECT YOURSELF"

Winners of the “BE MASTER” and “PROJECT YOURSELF” grant projects will receive certificates for 100,000 and 130,000 rubles. Foreign graduates from Ghana, Zambia, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Nigeria, Peru, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will start their studies at RUDN University.

12 Aug 2020
Take part in the II Online RUDN University Olympiad for foreign citizens

Starting from August 10, the second Online RUDN University Olympiad is held for foreign citizens wishing to enroll in 2020 to study at RUDN University under the bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s programs. The winners of the Olympiad can study in the chosen major at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation, prize-winners get a tuition discount.

19 Jun 2020
“BE MASTER!” and “PROJECT YOURSELF!” - get a grant for Master studies

RUDN University allocates 20 million rubles to support talented international students. RUDN University will provide 190 grants to international students for Master studies. Foreign graduates of Bachelor, Specialist and Master programs can participate in “BE MASTER!” and "PROJECT YOURSELF!’ projects and get 100,000 — 130,000 rubles certificates to be used for tuition. The winners will be determined on 10 october.