RUDN Open Olympiad in Mathematics in Zambia

RUDN Open Olympiad in Mathematics in Zambia

February 27, at the University of Copperbelt (Zambia) RUDN held the Open Olympiad for foreign citizens. More than 100 people tested their knowledge of mathematics.

The participants of the competition were students of leading universities of Zambia, who were selected according to the criteria of academic performance. The tasks of the Olympiad were elaborated by teachers of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, while RUDN experts will also evaluate the work of students. Participants who have demonstrated high results will have an opportunity to study for free in RUDN Master’s programs.

The Zambian Ministry of Higher Education has expressed a desire to introduce the standards of Russian education in the Zambian school curriculum. According to foreign colleagues, this will make it possible to widely highlight the advantages of Russian education, which traditionally enjoys great popularity among Zambian youth. In the future, the Copperbelt University also intends to hold the Open University Olympiads at its sites.

The following Olympiads will be held in Angola, Gambia, Sao Tome and Principe and other countries of the African continent. More information on the schedule can be found on the website of the Open University Olympiad for foreign citizens.


The Open University Competition for Foreign Citizens is aimed at identifying and attracting talented applicants and undergraduates to study at the university in their chosen areas of training.