RUDN plans to expand cooperation with Venezuela

RUDN plans to expand cooperation with Venezuela

September 11, the Governor of the state of Miranda of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hector Vicente Rodriguez Castro, visited RUDN to discuss with the university administration the possibilities of cooperation in the field of science and education. The corresponding agreement is planned to be signed in March next year.

The visit of the Governor began with a meeting with Vice-Rector for international activities of RUDN University Larisa Efremova, during which the possibilities of training personnel at the RUDN University for the state of Miranada were discussed.

“It is very important that students from Venezuela can not only get good education at your university, but also use RUDN as a platform for communication with the whole world,” said Hector Vicente Rodriguez Castro.

Based on the results of the negotiations, an agreement was reached on signing a Memorandum of Cooperation between RUDN University and the state of Miranda on the allocation of 10 places for training at the RUDN University in the areas of “Geology”, “Remote Sensing of the Earth”, “Linguistics”, “International Relations”, as well as agricultural and medical majors. The parties also discussed the possibility of providing an additional scholarship from the state government, which covers the cost of living, medical insurance, travel and individual scholarships to students. The preliminary signing of the Memorandum and the selection of candidates is scheduled for March 2020, in Venezuela. Also during the meeting, the issue of building cooperation between RUDN University and the Scientific Council of the State of Miranda, which regulates not only 80% of higher educational institutions throughout the country, but also takes part in solving political, economic, social and security issues of the state, was discussed.

During the visit, the Governor gave an open lecture for RUDN students in Spanish on the topic: “The Current Situation in Venezuela”. During the lecture, the Governor discussed topics such as the current state of the Venezuelan economy, the blockade and sanctions against Venezuela, as well as relations with the United States at the present stage. After the lecture, Hector Rodriguez answered students' questions.

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