RUDN University and Copperbelt University (Zambia) sign a work program in medicine

RUDN University and Copperbelt University (Zambia) sign a work program in medicine

December 12-14, a delegation from the University of Copperbelt (Zambia), headed by Rector, Professor Nason Ngoma, was in Moscow to develop projects of the Cluster Approach of RUDN. A work program for the development of the Center for Imitation Education in Zambia was signed with the Medical Institute.

In November, representatives of the RUDN University headed by Vice-Rector Larisa Efremova opened the Russian Language Center at the Copperbelt University and also agreed on cooperation in the field of medical and engineering projects. With a return visit, a delegation of the leading technical university of Zambia visited the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia on December 12-14.

"The main advantage of cooperation with RUDN is that your university is one of the largest in Russia. You have high quality criteria for preparing students and extensive experience working with foreign partners. Our goal for 2019 is the development of the Center for Simulation Training at Copperbelt University with your support Thanks to RUDN, modern simulation equipment will appear in Zambia, which will increase the level of competence of our medical students, doctors and improve medicine in the whole country. We also started the next stage with the cooperation with the Medical University in the field of engineering. We have a lot of work together ", - Professor Neyson Ngoma, Rector of the Copperbelt University.

Director of the Medical Institute of the Peoples' Friendship University, MD Alexey Abramov signed a work program for the development of the Center for Simulation Training. Simulation training, as well as distance learning, complements the traditional formats of the educational process. Students and qualified doctors train on specialized mannequins and installations. With the help of these simulators, physicians can carry out procedures and manipulations many times, achieving perfection even in complex, non-standard cases. This realistic and economical method helps to avoid mistakes when working with real patients.

RUDN continues to work in promoting the cluster approach abroad. A new step towards "Africa. South ”was the signing of a work program with the University of Copperbelt on the development of the Center for simulation training in Zambia with the support of RUDN.

Specialists of the partner university from Zambia familiarized themselves with the high-tech equipment of the RUDN Simulation Center. The Medical Institute also organized a field trip to its partner company, GEOTAR-Media Publishing Group LLC, where Gabriel Bartal, director of the Meir Medical Center (University of Tel Aviv, Israel), conducted a simulation training in endovascular surgery. All members of the delegation of the Copperbelt University were able to try to perform an operation on the AngioMentor simulator. This device provides complete individual and group training in several disciplines, including interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, electrophysiology, interventional neuroradiology, neurosurgery and traumatology.

Already in 2019, a group of teachers and young specialists from the University of Copperbelt will come to RUDN to study the organization of the Center for Simulation Training in Zambia. The cooperation is carried out within the framework of the Cluster approach of RUDN on the project “Africa. South".

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