RUDN visit to Lebanon: on the growth of interest in the Russian language and Russian education and the launch of a joint Russian-Lebanese master's program

RUDN visit to Lebanon: on the growth of interest in the Russian language and Russian education and the launch of a joint Russian-Lebanese master's program

Vice-Rector for International Affairs Larisa Efremova and Director of the Department of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation Alexey Poyda visited Lebanon to hold talks on expanding cooperation with Lebanese universities. Universities-partners noted an increase in the students’ interest in studying the Russian language and studying in Russia. The visit was supported by the Association of RUDN Alumni in Lebanon and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Beirut.

RUDN delegation met with the leadership of Lebanon State University - Vice-Rector for International Affairs Zeynab Saad, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Ahmad Mohammed Rabah and professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, RUDN graduate George Aoun. The Lebanese side noted the effective work of the RUDN University Center for Russian Language and Pre-University Training on the basis of the Lebanese State University, where over 300 students have been trained over the past 2 years.

“We are observing not only an increase in the interest not only in studying the Russian language, but also an increase in the interest of Lebanese students in graduate and postgraduate programs at Russian universities. In this regard, the launch in September 2019 of the master's program “Russia and the Middle East: the main areas of interaction and cooperation”, implemented by RUDN University in a network form jointly with Lebanese State University and providing students with the opportunity to receive two diplomas upon completion of training, is of particular importance ” - said the representatives of the Lebanese university.

The parties also discussed the results of the summer school for Lebanese students, organized annually since 2017 on the basis of the Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University and since 2018 on the basis of the RUDN Academy of Engineering. Vice-Rector Larisa Efremova emphasized the focus of RUDN on further deepening and expanding cooperation with the Lebanese State University.

Vice President of Lebanese International University Samir Abu Nassif and representatives of the university administration also noted the work of the RUDN University Center for Russian Language and Pre-university Training, which operates on the basis of the Lebanese International University, and shared plans to open Russian language courses in the university’s branches in eastern and southern Lebanon. Vice-Rector Larisa Efremova proposed to develop cooperation in other areas, in particular in the field of joint research and publications on engineering sciences.

With the assistance of Deputy Chairman of the Lebanese-Russian Friendship Society, graduate of RUDN University Medical Faculty, Riad Najim, a meeting of the RUDN University delegation with the Minister of Education and Higher Education of the Lebanese Republic Akram Chehayeb took place. Akram Chehayeb emphasized the long history of the development of friendly relations between Lebanon and Russia, when thousands of Lebanese citizens went to study at Soviet higher educational institutions, which served as the basis for strengthening close social ties between peoples and countries.

During the visit, meetings were also held with members of the RUDN Alumni Association in Lebanon in the office of the Association and leaders of the RUDN Alumni Club at the Association of USSR Alumni in Lebanon. The participants discussed the progress of the admission campaign for the recruitment of foreign citizens in the 2019/2020 academic year, plans for cooperation with graduate associations in Lebanon, as well as possible formats for the participation of graduates in the preparation of events on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of RUDN University.

Lebanon is a key country in implementing the RUDN cluster approach in international activities in the Middle East region. Since the foundation of RUDN University, it has trained about 1,000 specialists for Lebanon, today more than 120 Lebanese citizens are studying at RUDN University; since 2016, the number of people wishing to enter RUDN University from Lebanon has been steadily growing.

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