Russia-Namibia: New Perspectives for International Cooperation

Russia-Namibia: New Perspectives for International Cooperation

May 18-30, the professors of the Department of Propedeutics of Dental Diseases of RUDN Medical Institute visited the University of Namibia (UNAM, Windhoek, Namibia) to deliver a course of lectures for students, develop teaching materials and examine interns as members of the commission for admission to medical practice.

The delegation of RUDN was received by Dr. Norbert Gutknecht, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Namibia, and Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The parties discussed further expansion of inter-university cooperation, including the development of the profile class in the direction of "Medicine" at the University of Namibia.

Lecturers at the Medical Institute of the RUDN University – associate professor Angela Brago and assistant Yulia Kozlova, conducted a series of lectures on Dental Materials Science for students of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Namibia. Students learnt about composite materials and adhesive systems, amalgams and metal alloys in dentistry, ceramics and cements. Each day ended with the construction of a mind-map, a theme map of the day and marking key points of the lecture.

Teachers and students of the University of Namibia saw a presentation about the educational programs of the RUDN University, and got educational materials for the final certification on the subject of dental materials science.

RUDN lecturers were also invited to be members of the examination board for admission to medical practice of interns of the State Catatura hospital for a license of dental medical activities in Namibia. The examination board consisted of university professors, leading doctors of the hospital in the field of dentistry and doctors of private clinics with extensive experience. Examinations were held in the clinic with the presentation of patients, the clinical situation and treatment. The grade was set for each stage of treatment and the total number of points was evaluated.

To date, in Namibia, there is no sufficient staff of lecturers at the Faculty of Dentistry and the equipment for practical classes has not been completed. The university is interested in continuing cooperation with RUDN in connection with the difficult economic situation and lack of teachers. The parties discussed joint participation in grants for various educational support programs for more effective cooperation with the University of Namibia or other African universities.

“The invited lecturers of the RUDN University did a great job, my students and I are very pleased with the way they presented their topics. Since we organized a block lecture, students were given more lecture hours per day (4.5 hours per day). This was a great advantage for our students, and they were glad that they were able to cover all the announced topics. Once again I want to thank the colleagues at your university for their support, ” said Professor, Dr. Norbert Gutknecht.

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