Peter David, Foreign Minister of Grenada visits RUDN

Peter David, Foreign Minister of Grenada visits RUDN

June 10, Peter David, Foreign Minister of Grenada, visited RUDN as part of his official visit to Moscow.

The main purpose of the visit is to discuss the issues of increasing and training personnel for Grenada in priority areas - medicine, engineering, oil and gas, agrarian sciences, ecology, tourism and IT at RUDN. Due to the fact that the main stream of students goes to study in Canada and the United States, the university proposed to focus on attracting students to graduate programs in English. It is noted that trade relations between Russia and Grenada are strengthening. In this regard, the training of specialists for Grenada is an important milestone in establishing cooperation.

Peter David got acquainted with the possibilities of the Center for Collective Use of RUDN, where he learnt about the technologies and the main activities of the Center. The meeting was a continuation of the development of cooperation with the Center, which was approved by the Minister of Health of Grenada during the visit of the RUDN delegation to Grenada in February.

The main result of the meeting was signing the Letter of Intent, which reflected the key agreements:

• exchange of information on strategies and programs of the parties in the field of science, education, health, technology and engineering sciences;

• training personnel for Grenada in priority areas of specialist training - engineering and natural -scientific; agrarian;  andmedical.

• facilitating training of candidates in the Russian language who are planning to get education at RUDN;

• preparation and implementation of joint research projects of interest to both parties.

“Citizens of Grenada and Russia have many similarities of national character - openness, friendliness and diligence, which helps strengthen our friendship and develop effective cooperation in different areas,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada Peter David at the end of his visit.

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