About distance mode of study, tuition payment and places in student hostels. RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov meets with international students

About distance mode of study, tuition payment and places in student hostels. RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov meets with international students

On 1 March RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov met international students — 31 presidents of national student associations gathered in the hall. Over 2 thousand participants connected to the live broadcast. In two and a half hours, the rector answered 92 questions and allotted tasks based on them.

Among the most popular questions were tuition payment, opportunity to study using distance technologies, extending the period of residence in a student hostel, security. Here are the key quotes:

About Expulsion:

“Knowledge and professional skills are out of politics. As a rector, I will expel no international student in response to the expulsions of the Russians from European universities. By the way, no case is known yet of a RUDN University student who undergoes training as an exchange student and has been expelled from Western universities. Education, culture and science are the areas that should keep away from politics.”

About distance mode of study:

“I really hope that the situation will become calm soon. The worst thing is to leave, interrupt your studies in the middle of the academic year. But if someone decides to go home, it is their right. In this case, you can continue your studies using distance technologies. Someone decides to take academic leave — we will certainly implement this too.”

About Tuition Payment:

“We suspend all orders to expel international students for non-payment. As of today, I have asked the Commercial Department to stop this practice until 1 May < ... > Do not be afraid — you will not be expelled for non-payment within these terms. Penalties and fines will not be charged. Now we are developing various approaches to payment. We will work out the payment algorithm within two to three weeks.”

About Bank Cards:

“We transfer scholarships to MIR cards. They work, there will be no problems with them. It does not depend on whether Russia is disconnected from SWIFT or not. I know that over the past few days, students from some countries have encountered difficulties. < ... > I am sure that commercial services will find a solution within a few days.”

About Financial Assistance:

“Emergency financial assistance will be provided not at the end of the month, as it used to be, but within up to three days after the application. We will approach everyone individually”, — Sergey Bazavluk, RUDN University Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

About Student Hostels:

“We will not expel anyone from student hostels. We will find opportunities to extend the period of residence — for as long as it is necessary. < ... > While you are away, you don’t need to pay for accommodation either.”

About those who weren’t able to come to Russia:

“You need to continue your studies in a remote format. We have one of the best distance education practices. As the last 2 years have shown, the university provides such a format in all fields of study.”

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