“As a future surgeon, I want to see the beautiful smiles of my patients,” Darina Shirokova, 2022 Presidential Stipend Laureate, RUDN Dental Student

“As a future surgeon, I want to see the beautiful smiles of my patients,” Darina Shirokova, 2022 Presidential Stipend Laureate, RUDN Dental Student

Read about the childhood dream, high technology and three-minute oral hygiene in an interview with Darina.

Even adults are afraid of the dentist’s office, but you have chosen this particular profession. Why?

Dentistry is my childhood dream. I have always understood that I want to help people, make their lives better not only in terms of health, but also in aesthetic terms. This is scary for many people, I wanted to break these stereotypes and open the world of dentistry without pain and fear. The discipline is developing very fast, it’s great to be part of the progress.

Dentistry can be surgical, aesthetic, orthopedic... Which section are you interested in? Why?

I chose surgical periodontology and implantology, because now there are new approaches to prosthetics and plastic surgery in the oral cavity. Surgeons use various methods of transplanting teeth, installing high-tech implant systems and correcting the gums. All prosthetic systems are installed in the bone and these changes are not visible in the oral cavity. It is also an important stage in filling dental and alveolar defects, because without an implant it is impossible to install the crown part of the tooth. That is why it is so important to explain to the patients the significance of work on prosthetics and give them positive emotions, although the result will be only in the end. As a future surgeon, I want to see the beautiful smiles of my patients.

People are divided into two types — some take care of the teeth, while others pay little attention to it. Why is hygiene important?

The main cause of tooth decay, pain and premature loss of teeth is poor oral hygiene. Dental plaque is converted into tartar — and this is a favorable environment for the development of caries. Poor oral hygiene affects both the soft tissues and implants, leading to gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis. Three minutes of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening will not only keep your breath fresh, but also protect your teeth.

Dentistry is very technological. What innovations do you consider the most significant in this area?

Many tools have appeared that have made life easier not only for patients, but also for doctors. For example, there are devices that help you see pathological processes in a couple of minutes. Lasers have helped surgical dentistry become bloodless. Nobel and Straumann implant systems minimize implant rejection to almost 0%. New technologies in closing recessions allow the procedure to be painless and without complications. Dentistry develops and there are still many innovations to be put into practice.

You won a scholarship from the President of the Russian Federation. It is awarded mainly for achievements in science. What are your scientific interests?

I am most interested in surgical dentistry. In the research club, we studied the methods of giving anesthetics, trying to minimize the adverse effects after the introduction of an anesthetic. With the support of my supervisor, I investigated why instrument break in root canals.

What teachers inspire you?

I was lucky to learn from many talented RUDN teachers. I want to express special recognition to Zurab Khabadze. He opened the world of periodontics for me and showed that this area of dentistry is one of the leading ones. He is a vivid example of a teacher who generously shares his scientific potential with students and inspires us. His personal qualities and active life position became an example of devotion to the profession. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he saved the lives of hundreds of seriously sick patients by working day and night in the red zone.

If you could give advice to yourself in your first year, what would you say?

Do not be afraid, walk and you will reach. Just keep going, there’s more to come. Diligence and perseverance are the key to success!

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