“I want to dedicate my life to the development of education in my country” Mohammad Kazim Tabasomm, international student at RUDN University

“I want to dedicate my life to the development of education in my country” Mohammad Kazim Tabasomm, international student at RUDN University

Read an interview about the Eurasian Women’s Forum, a career in international relations and life in Afghanistan.

This is your second year majoring in International Relations. Do you want to become a diplomat?

At first I thought I did. But then I realized that it is not what I want. International relations are not only about being a diplomat: knowledge allows you to work in related fields. Now I want to devote my life to the development of education in my country. We still have a lot of people who simply cannot write their name. I want to open a charitable foundation so that my people have the opportunity to become specialists Afghanistan needs so much now.

You participate in exhibitions of the community, organize excursions, and on social networks you talk about the culture and art of Afghanistan. What inspires you?

I cannot imagine my life and country without mountains. I remember how as a child, even in the summer when the temperature reaches +40, you leave the house, look at these stone giants and see snow on their peaks. I really miss this in Moscow.

I am also inspired by people and the way they learn. The fact is that in Afghanistan there are problems with textbooks and educational literature. Doctors, historians and teachers I know, even after graduating from high school, live thanks to notes. Everything that they wrote down when they studied at the university helps them to work now. The East is tricky, and Afghanistan, I would say, is even trickier.

In your first year, you spoke at the Eurasian Women’s Forum in St. Petersburg. How did you become a participant and what was your report about?

When I was studying Russian in a course for refugees, I gave an interview. They asked me what I thought about Russia, if it was difficult to learn the language and what I would like to do. Thanks to this interview the organizers found me. There was a session at the forum where women from all over the world spoke. They shared life stories, discussed the problems they face in their studies, at work and in family life. I also spoke at the same venue, where I told about myself, what I do at the university and, of course, about my goals for life.

What do you remember most about the forum?

Talented, smart and successful women. When public figures from more than 120 countries gather at one platform, get to know each other, exchange experiences, it inspires, you understand that you are not alone. But more importantly, you have the opportunity to meet people you may never have met in your life. For example, after my speech, a deputy from Tajikistan came up to me and said that she was very glad to finally see a girl from Afghanistan at this forum. And later I met Maria Zakharova from the Russian Foreign Ministry, and even took a photo with her. There I also met representatives of the Uralchem company, where I was invited for an internship.

In what department did you do internship at Uralchem and what skills did you acquire?

My internship was in the HR department. Basically, I dealt with documents, watched people being interviewed. During the internship, I realized that the most important thing in any job is the team. You will not be able to do anything if you cannot and do not know how to communicate with people. And this, together with patience and goodwill, are the most important skills for those who want to work in the field of interstate relations.

What are you dreaming about?

Every day is different. But globally I am dreaming of travelling. When I was a child, my relatives gave me a book with the sights of Great Britain, I read about Big Ben and realized that I want to see it live, so the first item on my travel list is London. In Russia, I want to see the Caucasus. I really like the dances, songs and food of this region. There is some amazing energy in people from the Caucasus that beckons and does not let go.

You take part in conferences, forums, model CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) role-play both at RUDN University and MGIMO. Why are you doing this?

First of all, it’s meeting people. For example, at MGIMO I met a girl who is learning Persian and studying Afghanistan. Then it is experience. It helps not only in studies, but also in further professional activities. For example, participation in CSTO model gives an idea of the structure of the organization from the inside. And the third benefit is feedback. On scientific platforms, you can get comments from experts and teachers who will tell you what to work on and where you have already succeeded.

What is your rest like?

Most often it is at home with family. We love to talk about history and art. I like to cook with my mother: I want to know all the subtleties of our national cuisine.

What is RUDN University for you?

True friendship of peoples, professionalism of teachers and opportunities. Opportunity is the most important thing. At RUDN all people do something special, communication with students from more than 160 countries of the world gives energy and enthusiasm. You have a desire to do something of your own, invest in projects and implement even the craziest idea.

Three words to describe your life in 10 years...

Success. Health. Family.

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