Pioneer stories: the university through the eyes of the first graduates in project 6.0

Pioneer stories: the university through the eyes of the first graduates in project 6.0

What unites a university employee, teacher, enterprise manager, doctor, scientist and engineer? They are the first graduates of University of Peoples’ Friendship ...

The heroes of the project are graduates of 1965 and 1966 from Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria and Russia. Read about the first lessons and the origin of student life, about friendship and love, and also about professional achievements and views on the future of alma mater in the project 6.0 “First Graduates”.

Read the interview in the "First Graduates" section on the website of the 60th anniversary of RUDN University

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Life in RUDN
27 Jan
“I was sitting in my room in the dormitory thinking about what I personally can do to make the world better. This is how the International Organization “Youths Make a Difference” appeared,” says Tatiana Denseh Kusi, student of the Academy of Engineering

Tatiana Denseh Kusi from Cameroon is a 4th year student majoring in Technical Systems Management. In 2019, she founded the “Youths Make a Difference” (YMD) International Youth Organization. Now it unites 62 people from 20 African countries. In 2021, Tatiana won the Africa Excellence Award in the category “African Youth Ambassador 2021”. Read the interview about how she created a youth organization, how YMD helps internally displaced persons from the conflict zones in Cameroon and how to combine studies with volunteering.

Life in RUDN
29 Dec 2021
Congratulations of RUDN Rector and RUDN President on New Year 2022

Life in RUDN
29 Nov 2021
"We feel like Olympic champions": RUDN male and female volleyball teams are champions of the international tournament in Italy

The 6th World InterUniversities Championship 2021 (WIUC) in Rome ended with the triumph of RUDN University male and female volleyball teams. The men’s team won a gold medal for the first time, while the women’s team confirmed their status as the strongest women’s volleyball team at the WIUC for the fourth time in a row.