“Psychology helps fight procrastination” — Polina Bodrova, 10-semester A- student at the Institute of Foreign Languages

“Psychology helps fight procrastination” — Polina Bodrova, 10-semester A- student at the Institute of Foreign Languages

Read an interview with Polina Bodrova, a 10 semester A- student of Psychological and Pedagogical Education about the secret of successful reports, the role of psychology in teaching and Pablo Picasso's favorite phrase.

Describe RUDN University in three words...

Freedom, perspective and development.

What is your recipe for excellent academic performance?

A pinch of diligence and a great desire to become a good specialist. The A-grades are just a nice bonus confirming that I am moving in the right direction.

What languages ​​are you learning?

I study English and Spanish. English is universal. In the modern world, knowing this language is not a privilege, but a necessity. I fell in love with Spanish because it’s special and there are a lot of countries where it is spoken. When communicating with students from Latin American countries, I pay attention to the features of different dialects of the language.

What are your favorite words or phrases from each language?

My favorite English word is “exquisite”. The perfect combination of pronunciation and word meaning. My favorite Spanish phrase is “La gente quiere encontrar un significado en todo y en todos. Esa es la enfermedad de nuestros tiempos” — Pablo Picasso “People want to find meaning in everything. This is the disease of our time.” This phrase has been haunting me since my second year. In almost every exam in the Spanish language, I came across a topic related to the work of Pablo Picasso. And every time I ended my answer with this phrase.

What is the role of psychology in teaching?

Psychology is the basis of teaching. It is impossible to bring up a worthy personality with a spiritual and moral core if the teacher does not understand the characteristics of each person.

Why did you choose this major? Where do you want to work after graduation?

Psychology and teaching are closely related. While studying the theory of teaching, I felt that without knowledge in the field of psychology I would never become a worthy teacher and mentor. I plan to try myself as a teacher at RUDN University after my studies.

How did you start working in the Department of Foreign Students Support?

I really wanted to get a job at RUDN University, I asked about various vacancies. After I stopped searching, I received a call from the Department of Foreign Students Support and went for an interview. Two days later I started my job.

Why did you decide to connect the topic of the final paper with your work?

The topic of my thesis: “Socio-cultural adaptation of Turkish applicants to study in Russian university.” I chose it because every day spent at work is new knowledge and experience for the paper. I communicate with applicants being the first to learn about the problems of adaptation. On the one hand, I test my hypotheses, on the other hand, I help the guys and get their smiles and gratitude.

Share the methods of adaptation of foreigners in another country?

The most important thing is the support from both teachers and students. It’s great that there are student associations in RUDN University. Students hold various events and meetings, Days of Culture, share experiences, creating a warm atmosphere. Moreover, the dorms have an international principle of accommodation — students from different countries share a room. The common language for them, most often, is only Russian. This helps to overcome the language barrier and practice speaking.

What are the psychological techniques that you use in everyday life?

I analyze a lot both my behavior and the behavior of others, paying attention to the gestures and facial expressions of people. Psychology helps fight procrastination. When I don’t feel like doing anything, I persuade myself to do something for just 10 minutes. During this time, the brain “forgets” that it was lazy, and starts working.

How to prepare a report which won’t make listeners fall asleep?

The secret of a successful report is your burning eyes. Talk about what you like. If the topic of the report is not to your liking, make a presentation so cool that there is a huge desire to share it with the audience. When people feel the emotional charge from the speaker, they will not fall asleep.

Excellent study and active participation in events: how to manage everything and leave time for yourself?

It’s all about planning. I love to think things through in advance. This disciplines and helps to correctly allocate your time. In addition to important tasks for study or work, I plan time for rest and recuperation. When I am busy, the days are interesting and eventful!

What or who always charges your batteries?

My safety outlet is my family and friends. Among favorite activities are swimming and traveling and, of course, healthy sleep. Sometimes I draw, it also helps me escape from routine and restore energy.

What is your motto?

“Being afraid to make a mistake is already a mistake.”

What are your future plans?

Do a PhD course at RUDN, learn another foreign language, become a teacher of Russian as a foreign language (RFL).

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