Results of the direct line of the Rector of RUDN University with foreign students — April 15

Results of the direct line of the Rector of RUDN University with foreign students — April 15

On April 15, Rector of RUDN University Oleg Yastrebov held the third meeting with foreign students of the University. 213 users joined the meeting online. 32 presidents of the fraternities were in the hall in person. In advance, the students sent 23 questions to the Rector, and 40 questions were asked in the chat.

About social support

“We have allocated 6 million rubles for social support of students. We have implemented solutions not to expel students for non-payment, we issue installments and deferrals for tuition and dormitories. 701 foreign students received social support from the University,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About learning format

“Foreign students who are in Russia study full-time. Those students who are not in Russia continue their studies using distance learning technologies,” Yulia Ebzeeva, First Vice Rector — Vice Rector for Education of RUDN University.

About passing the SFA and the FQW defense

“All foreign students, except for the students of the Institute of Medicine, will be able to pass state exams and defend the FQW remotely. Medical students are recommended to return or take academic leave for further exams,” Yulia Ebzeeva, First Vice Rector — Vice Rector for Education of RUDN University.

About absence of photos of the RUDN University students in database

“The University is introducing a system of access to the building ‘Face ID’. The MPC of RUDN University together with the deputy deans conduct photographing of students and employees to enter photos into the database,” Olesya Saginbaeva, Head of the Commercial Department.

“When a student enters the building and applies a pass, his photo is displayed on the security monitor. If the campus card is working, but the photo is not displayed, the student must be allowed in,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About academic debts

“Students who have up to 3 academic debts will not be expelled until September 15. I check all the deduction orders individually. All student’s statements are checked. If there is an opportunity not to expel a student, then we do not do it,” Yulia Ebzeeva, First Vice Rector — Vice Rector for Education of RUDN University.

About transfer of foreign students to the RUDN

“A state-funded student cannot transfer from a technical university to a humanitarian field at RUDN University, since funds for his training are laid down in technical specialties. If the student studied for a fee, then the issue of the transfer is solved individually, the student’s curriculum is studied.

The University has a system for transferring students from another university. The student must write a letter about the transfer, get consent from the university where he studies, and then RUDN University will apply to the Ministry of Education and Science for the transfer of the student. In 99% of cases, such requests are granted,” Larisa Efremova, Vice Rector for International Affairs of RUDN University.

About tuition fees

“Foreign students from Ecuador face the problems of transferring money to Russia through Raiffeisen Bank. Some students still manage to make a transfer. The bank raised the commission from $ 10 to $ 60 — many students do not want to pay it. My colleagues and I are working on this issue.

As for payment, the University implements all possible methods. We issue invoices in rubles without any problems, we do not issue pennies. Foreigners pay for training through a QR code in Sberbank. The currency can be deposited to a Russian account or cashed out and come to the bank with it to pay for tuition and accommodation,” Olesya Saginbaeva, Head of the Commercial Department of RUDN University.

About dissertation councils

“On July 31, councils for the old nomenclature are being closed all over the country. From September 1, they open according to the new nomenclature. For example, at the law institute, instead of councils on constitutional, administrative and financial law, there is a council on public law. Graduate students should not worry, it will facilitate the defense process. There are cases when the journal corresponds to administrative law, but not to constitutional law, and now it will correspond to all specialties,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About repeating the course at the Pre-University Faculty

“If a foreign first-year student has serious problems with the Russian language, he writes an application for academic leave at the Faculty, and then comes and writes an application for a Russian language course at the Pre-University Faculty. We analyze each situation individually,” Yulia Ebzeeva, First Vice Rector — Vice Rector for Education of RUDN University.

“If there were technical problems during the training at the Digital Pre-University Faculty, repeat the course at the expense of the RUDN,” Larisa Efremova, Vice Rector for International Affairs of RUDN University.

“We have allocated more than 8 million rubles for additional classes in the Russian language,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About the canteen and coworking in the building of NSHF

“Since September 1, the canteen on the site of ‘Galaktika’ should start working in the building of NSHF, 10b2, Miklukho-Maklaya. <...> And coworking is being created in the building. Today I saw the scheme — everything will be done according to international standards,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About medical examination and fingerprinting

Since December 29, 2021, foreign citizens in the Russian Federation are required to undergo medical examination, fingerprinting and photographing.

“We want these procedures to be able to pass in the MC RUDN. Next week I have a meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on social issues — I will raise the issue so that our polyclinic is included in the list of institutions where it is possible to undergo an examination,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

At the moment, medical examination can be carried out in 6 medical organizations. The addresses are available by the link.

About the work of RUDN LMS TUIS

“We will hold a big meeting on RUDN LMS TUIS. The new system is already ready, now it is being tested at individual faculties. Perhaps we will implement it massively now to solve the problem with access to the old system,” Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

About financial aid to Russian students

“Any state-funded student can receive financial aid. It is necessary to write an application, the commission will determine the amount. The rest of the students receive food stamps,” — Sergey Bazavluk, Vice Rector for Student Affairs of RUDN University.

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