RUDN flash mob “We Read Pushkin with everyone” embraced a million people

RUDN flash mob “We Read Pushkin with everyone” embraced a million people

On June 6, the whole world celebrated the birthday of the great Russian poet, A.S. Pushkin. A man who, with his unique talent, raised the Russian language and Russian culture to a pedestal.

All over the world, people know and remember the immortal lines from "Eugene Onegin". Students and graduates of RUDN University, as well as passionate lovers of the Russian language and culture, organized a flash mob called “We Read Pushkin with everyone”. Representatives of countries from Latin America to China read the first lines of the novel in verse in Russian.
Check it out.

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10 Sep
The first World Cup among students in powerlifting is to be be held at RUDN

More than 200 students from 40 countries will come to RUDN in July, 2022, to fight for the World Cup in powerlifting.

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26 Aug
RUDN University student Zoya Schurova at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo

Zoya is now in Tokyo for the 16th Summer Paralympic Games. The most important start of her sports career will take place on 28 August. She participates in swimming competitions among people with locomotive disabilities.

Life in RUDN
12 Jul
“I moved to Moscow with no money, so I opened a business” — Anastasia Fayzulenova, student of RUDN University’ 2013

At the age of 18, Anastasia founded the Casablanca dance school, where she attracted an investment of 42 million rubles. Now 26, she has created a health management service called Checkme. In 2021, she was nominated for the “30 Most Promising Russians Under 30” ranking according to Forbes in the “Entrepreneurs” category. Read her interview to know how to run a business and achieve success, what tests entrepreneurs go through and about self-development.