“The most difficult for me were obstetrics, physiology, normal and topographic anatomy,” says Elmira Jabbarova, 6th year student at the Medical Institute, an A-student for 10 semesters

“The most difficult for me were obstetrics, physiology, normal and topographic anatomy,” says Elmira Jabbarova, 6th year student at the Medical Institute, an A-student for 10 semesters

Elmira Jabbarova has been an A-student for 5 years at RUDN Medical Institute. She finds time to be a medical volunteer, work in a trade union, be a member of the scientific student society “Future General Practitioners” and even dance in oriental dance studio “Amaren”. We talked about life hacks, envy and inspiration with Elmira on the eve of the Meeting of RUDN University A-students.

It often happens that applicants to “General Medicine” are people from the dynasties of doctors, from specialized medical lyceums, or medical colleges. You have a different story. How did you decide to come to Moscow to get a medical degree?

I was born and raised in a non-doctor family in the town of Borovichi, Novgorod Region, with a population of about 60,000. There are, of course, fewer opportunities there than in large cities. As a child, I decided that I would study in Moscow. I set a goal and tried to achieve it: I studied hard and prepared for the Olympiads. I liked chemistry and biology very much. I am still very grateful to my school biology teacher Elena Borisovna Ivanova. I won the regional biology Olympiad and took part in the All-Russian stage. In 2015, after finishing school with a gold medal, I entered RUDN Medical Institute. I am still happy about it.

Why exactly RUDN? After all, there are other medical universities in the capital.

I really had many alternatives. I chose RUDN University due to the friendly atmosphere and diversity of cultures. But I made the final decision when I learned about amateur groups at the Interclub. I immediately liked the Theater of Oriental Dance “Amaren”. This is a well-known team with many prizes in various competitions. From the very first minute, director Marina Okhanyan created the impression of a very strict choreographer, but at the same time of one loving her work, giving it all her soul. On the day of my acquaintance with Amaren, my heart was given to RUDN University.

What subjects do you consider to be the most difficult in medicine? What is the hardest part of your studies for you?

For 6 years we have studied an incredibly many complex, but very interesting subjects. Of the most difficult, I will note obstetrics, which is absolutely impossible to master without practice. Also, of course, physiology, normal and topographic anatomy required special diligence and perseverance. It is good that my motto is “The harder the training, the easier the mission.” Knowledge is never easy, but if you have a goal that you strive for, then learning will only be a joy.

Secondary school often has a special attitude towards excellent students. What about the university?

I have always envied people who can get away with poorly learned material. I can’t do that. If I make mistakes or fail to learn something I feel very bad. It has become a habit to devote a lot of time to lessons. Sometimes I had to deal with some special attitude from classmates, but I am ok with that. The teachers demanded more from me, but this was never a big problem.

How do you manage to find time for rest? Where do you find inspiration? Share your secrets with us.

To have enough energy for everything, you need to spend less time on the phone, although this is not easy.

Dancing, which I have been doing since I was 7, has always helped me to unwind. When I dance, I forget about studies and exams. I go to water parks, quests, theaters and museums. Sometimes I just want to relax — then I paint or mold from clay.

I also really love animals! At home we have four cats and a dog, Dina. I really miss them. We took all our pets from the street.

What is the role of your parents in your desire to be an excellent student?

I guess I take after my mother and grandmother, who were also excellent pupils. Since childhood, I have attended different clubs. It was thanks to my parents, who managed to subtly instill in me a love for, and interest in learning, that I began to do well in studies.

Would you like your children to be excellent students?

Yes, I would like my children to do well. I will definitely check homework with them and, of course, I will help answer difficult questions.

Interviewed by Victoria Bashmakova

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