Associate Professor of RUDN speaks at the International conference on social sciences and art in Vienna

Associate Professor of RUDN speaks at the International conference on social sciences and art in Vienna

A.Ivanova, associate professor of Foreign Languages Department of RUDN Economic Faculty took part in the International Conference on Social Sciences and Arts (SGEM International Scientific Conferences on SOCIAL SCIENCES and ARTS, SGEM Vienna ART 2018).

The event took place in March 2018, in Vienna at the Hofburg Congress Center.

Ms.Ivanova made a presentation: "Type of syllable and syllabic structure of the word in typologically different languages". The expert spoke about the importance of the type of syllable and syllabic structure of the word in languages ​​of different types - in analytical English, agglutinative Buryat and isolating Chinese - in the light of creation of a whole-system typology of languages. Particular attention was paid to the degree of lexicality / grammatical language as its typological determinant. The structure of the syllable is derived from the morphemic structure of the word and depends on the degree of lexicality / grammar of the word. In her speech, the expert revealed typological features of the syllable and syllabic patterns of the word in the delimitation of semiology classes and parts of speech in the languages ​​studied.


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22 Oct
A Chemist from RUDN University Developed a New Method for Combating Antibiotic Resistance in Microbes

Bacteria in biofilms are 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics, disinfectants, mechanical treatment, and other types of stress. A chemist from RUDN University suggested a method to prevent the formation of biofilms and reduce the resistance of bacteria to antimicrobial medications. This might help increase the efficiency of antibacterial treatment in the food industry, medicine, and agriculture.

20 Oct
RUDN University Professor Suggested how to Clean Up Space Debris

A specialist in spacecraft movement control analyzed the process of placing vehicle stages, boosters, and other space debris into the so-called disposal orbit and suggested cleaning lower orbits up with a spacecraft that has modules with engine units on board. These modules will attach to space debris objects and move them away. As for the geostationary orbit, a preferable way to clean it up would be a towing spacecraft that transports space debris objects into the disposal orbit.

14 Oct
A Biologist from RUDN University Found Sex Differences in Inflammatory Reactions in Rat Pups

A biologist from RUDN University studied the development of the immune response in prepubertal male and female animals. According to her, the severity and mortality of infectious and inflammatory diseases at this age depend not on the sex hormones, but mainly on the chromosome set or karyotype.