23 Jun
Scientists Reveal the Water Column of the Yamal Lakes Can Be a Microbial Filter

Scientists from the Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology RAS, RUDN University, St. Petersburg State University and the Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS studied the microbial communities from several lakes of the Yamal Peninsula. It turned out that methanotrophs (bacteria that use methane as a source of energy) consume methane more actively in the deep mature lakes of the peninsula than in small thermokarst lakes. In this regard, methane emissions into the atmosphere from the surface of deep lakes are low, and only small (relatively younger thermokarst lakes with constitutional ground ice) can make a significant contribution to methane emissions in the north of Western Siberia. Thus, bacteria perform an important function for the climate balance — they reduce the emission of methane into the atmosphere.

20 Jun
RUDN University Physicists Determine the Optimal Conditions for Holding High-Energy Plasma Clouds in Pyrotron

RUDN University physicists have described the conditions for the most efficient operation of long mirror-based variant of cyclotron in the autoresonance mode. These data will bring better understanding of plasma processes in magnetic traps.

16 Jun
The new protocol will allow to obtain bioactive compounds bypassing by-products

Chemists from Russia and the USA have improved the method of creating bioactive indole-acetonitrile compounds. Previously, in the course of their synthesis, by-products were obtained — a new method allows them to be avoided. This increases the yield of the final product to 81%.

15 Jun
RUDN University Doctors Find Out Gene Alterations that Can Lead to Restenosis

RUDN University doctors have identified genetic features that may affect the susceptibility to reoccurring stenosis (luminal renarrowing) after stent deployment. The results will help to determine the risk of restenosis and choose a personalized therapy more accurately.

14 Jun
RUDN chemists have created a reusable switch catalyst for the synthesis of two different compounds

RUDN chemists have created a reusable catalyst for the oxidation of sulfides for the synthesis of drugs, dyes and other compounds. It can “switch” the final product and provides “green” reaction conditions.

01 Jun
RUDN scientists proposed using satellite images to assess the state of chernozems

RUDN scientists have traced the changes that have occurred in the chernozems of the Belgorod region over the past 35 years. During soil degradation, they often change color, and this allowed specialists to assess their condition from satellite images. This method will help to quickly identify the deterioration of the soil and regulate its use in order to increase the efficiency of cultivation.

27 May
Scientists report new hydrogel to protect wounds from germs

RUDN University and Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) chemist together with colleagues from Iran created a hydrogel film for wound dressing. It protects the wound from germs and is harmless to healthy tissues. Moreover, its porous structure can hold antibiotic, which kills dangerous microorganisms and provide additional protection.

26 May
RUDN University Chemist Creates Powerful Antimicrobial Drug Many Times More Effective Than Existing Ones

RUDN University chemist together with colleagues from Poland created a compound based on silver and organic ligands. Potentially, it may help fight viruses and bacteria many times more effectively than existing drugs.

26 May
RUDN University Engineers Propose a New Approach for Accounting Plastic Anisotropy in the Theoretical Description of Metal Forming Processes

RUDN University engineers have shown that theoretical calculations traditionally used to describe the compression of metal work pieces, do not take into account an important property of materials. Scientists have proposed a new approach that considered the missing property and showed that the final result in this case changes by 15-20%.

18 May
A leap into the Future. Implications and challenges in teaching Languages for Specific Purpose

On May 17, 2022, the Interdepartmental academic and methodological online seminar of the Commission for Foreign Languages of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) organized by the Foreign Languages Department of the Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University was held via Microsoft Teams.

05 May
RUDN University Scientist Shows a New Mechanism for the Formation of Antitumorigenic Effects in the Tumor Microenvironment

The RUDN University scientist together with colleagues from Germany for the first time showed the unique possibilities of studying the CD38 protein in mast cells using multiplex immunohistochemistry technologies. The obtained results open up new horizons in the study of the antitumorigenic effects of the tumor microenvironment and the development of promising methods of cancer immunotherapy.

28 Apr
The chemist RUDN proposed effective catalysts for water purification from caffeine

The chemist RUDN proposed a way to destroy caffeine with the help of ultraviolet radiation and available composites. The discovery will help to safely clean the water from accidental contamination.