11 Aug
RUDN University doctors evaluated the effectiveness of hernia treatment with a mesh endoprosthesis

RUDN University doctors have followed the recovery of patients after the treatment of a postoperative hernia using a polypropylene mesh-endoprosthesis.

09 Aug
RUDN University mathematician named the main problems of autopilots when detecting pedestrians

A RUDN University mathematician with colleagues from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China has collected the latest research in the field of deep learning for detecting pedestrians for vehicles with autopilot. The authors identified weaknesses and outlined targets for further research.

07 Aug
RUDN engineer propose a green split system in houses using ground warmth

A RUDN engineer with colleagues from Iran proposed a new model for cooling and heating indoor air using soil energy. This eco-friendly approach is completely harmless and allows you to change the air temperature by 21%.

03 Aug
RUDN University chemist turned glycerin into a valuable medical drug

A RUDN University chemist, together with colleagues from Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia, proposed how to turn a by-product of biofuel synthesis into a valuable product — a substance with a wide medical effect. To do this, chemists needed only a “mill” and a “microwave”.

02 Aug
RUDN physicists described the thermodynamics of interstellar molecules

RUDN physicists have fully described the thermodynamic characteristics of ten molecules that can be found in interstellar space. Some of them have already been discovered, and some are yet to be discovered.

31 Jul
RUDN microbiologists receive antimicrobial drugs from the bark of an African tree

For the first time, RUDN University microbiologists have fully studied the composition of the African tree extract, which is used in folk medicine against inflammation. Moreover, with the help of the extract, biochemists obtained silver nanoparticles. All obtained substances were found to be effective antimicrobial agents.

06 Jun
RUDN University professor speaks at a workshop on mathematical modeling in biology and medicine in Italy

The city of Arpino (Italy) hosted an international workshop on mathematical modeling in biology and medicine. Reports were presented by 59 leading experts from 7 countries.

02 Jun
Chemists, philosophers and political scientists of RUDN University present reports at the Lomonosov conference at Moscow State University

In April, graduate and postgraduate students and young scientists from 30 countries participated in 48 sections of the Lomonosov International Scientific Conference: from journalism and sociology to geology and space research. RUDN participants presented their work in five areas.

24 May
RUDN University future doctors and economists present projects at the international scientific festival “Ot Vinta! (Off we go)”

At the XVIII International Festival of Youth Scientific and Technical Creativity "Ot Vinta", the team of RUDN Institute of Medicine presented their project "International Research Team: Learning to Work Together (International Medical Science Incubator)". The Faculty of Economics participated in the project "Russia in the African Grain Market: Solving the Problem of Food Security". The students talk about their research.

23 May
RUDN postgraduate students from Ecuador and Mali win at the festival of scientific and technical creativity "Ot Vinta! (Off we go)"

Salazar Flores Christian Alexander (Ecuador), postgraduate student of the Institute of Ecology, and Diakite Simbo (Mali), postgraduate student of the Agrarian and Technological Institute received diplomas of the 1st degree with commemorative medals at the XVIII International Festival of Youth Scientific and Technical Creativity "Ot Vinta". Young scientists spoke about their research.

02 May
The Grand Prix and gold of the Hi-Tech exhibition go to RUDN dentists

April 18-20, the international exhibition of HI-TECH innovations took place in St. Petersburg. Two RUDN University projects received a gold medal and the only Grand Prix at the exhibition.

14 Apr
RUDN Biologists Study Live Microorganisms in Toxic Liquids for Metalworking

RUDN biologists have studied microorganisms that can survive in metalworking fluids. The results will allow “picking up” bacteria and fungi that can process toxic waste fluids into a harmless product.