From the university theory - to work practice

From the university theory - to work practice

On October 27, the session "Universities and Business: Mutually Beneficial Cooperation in Key Areas of Activity" was held, bringing together representatives of Russian universities and companies, as well as experts from Lebanon, Madagascar, Panama, Finland, Ecuador, South Africa and other countries.

Annually students and graduates of higher educational institutions face employment problems. It is considered that it is almost impossible to get a position in a large and reliable company.

However, representatives of world famous companies and institutions that participated in the session "Universities and business: mutually beneficial cooperation in key areas of activity" of the international conference "University and employers: effective cooperation for attracting, training and finding employment for international students" managed to dispel this unfavorable myth. The experts demonstrated successful cases for solving the problems of training effective staff and shared their companies' experience in finding and training highly qualified specialists.

Thus, Olga Semina, Deputy Managing Director of Domodedovo Training LLC, presented the model of cooperation of the RUDN within the framework of the personnel program "Inflow". The airport staff is 13 000 people employed in more than 1000 specialties, and the development of the air harbor infrastructure necessitates an additional recruitment of 600 specialists per year. "Domodedovo" conducts a long-term personnel policy and implements specialized training of students on the basis of leading universities with the possibility of further employment. "In our organization people of different professions work. Approximately 65% ​​of them are representatives of technical specialties, 35% - humanitarian. We are constantly growing and developing, that's why we always need the staff! "- Olga Semina shared with the participants of the conference.

People of different professions work in our organization. Approximately 65% of them are representatives of technical specialties, 35% - humanitarian. We are constantly growing and developing, therefore, we always have the need for staff !

Olga Semina
Deputy Managing Director of OOO "Domodedovo Training"

The organization of the employment of students is a complex and time-consuming process, which makes it necessary to take into account the needs and opportunities of all parties.

An unusual innovative project "EuroFaculty - Pskov" was presented at the meeting by Anti-Paasio, Director of the Department of Business and Innovation Development of the University of Turku (Finland). "We are trying to introduce something new into existing education programs. For example, in our faculty two teachers from different universities work simultaneously in the classroom, "says Anti Paasio. In this project, the emphasis is on openness of learning, on the search and support of student initiatives, on the implementation of socially significant projects and on the principle of "exittheclassroom- enterthecompanies". The successes of the graduates of Eurofaculty of the University of Turku show that such methods of working with students improve the quality of training of young specialists and make them more competitive in the global labor market.

An important topic of discussion was the potential of Russian students in the international arena. The first vice-rector for scientific work of the RUDN, Nur Kyrabayev: "About 100 so-called Double-diploma programs-joint master's programs with leading foreign universities are held at the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship. Our students study both European and Oriental languages, and at the last courses have not only professional skills, but also soft-skills- the ability to find common language with foreign partners, find the necessary contacts, carry out multi-tasking ... RUDN, graduates work now in 170 countries " , - said a representative of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

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