Scientific seminar “Lanthanide‐based Silsesquioxane: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties”

Scientific seminar “Lanthanide‐based Silsesquioxane: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties”

2021 The event passed
13 May
Direction: Chemistry
Format: Seminar
Contact person
Knyazeva Elena
About the event

13 May at 15:00 MSK

We report here the synthesis, structure, luminescence and magnetic properties of new cage-like tetranuclear silsesquioxanes Tb3+, Eu3+, Dy3+. They present an unusual prism-like topology of cage architectures and lanthanide-characteristic emission, which makes them the first luminescent cage-like lanthanide silsesquioxanes. One of the Tb3+-based cages presents a magnetic spin-flip transition. The mixed Y3+/Dy3+ compound displays a field-induced Single Molecule Magnet (SMM) behavior making it the first reported bifunctional magneto-luminescent silsesquioxane.



Kulakova Alena (researcher of RIC RUDN University, Russian Federation).

Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities

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