Scientific seminar "Modern problems of the geoenvironment"

Scientific seminar "Modern problems of the geoenvironment"

2022 The event passed
20 May
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Elena Stanis
About the event

20 May at 15:00 MSK

The scientific seminar “Modern problems of geoecology” is held quarterly. At the upcoming seminar, technogenic pollution based on anomalous geochemical fields will be discussed, as well as ecological and geochemical features of the soils of the Karadag Reserve, which are the most important modern geoecological problems with the involvement of young and foreign scientists.

Reports will be heard and discussed at the May seminar:

  • “Quantitative assessment of technogenic pollution based on models of formation of anomalous geochemical fields”, 
    Speaker: Sergey A. Vorobyov, Associate Professor of the Department of Geochemistry, Faculty of Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • “Assessment of the ecological and geochemical situation of the soil cover as part of the geosystem on the example of the Karadag Reserve”, Speaker: Drygval Polina Valeryevna, postgraduate student of the Institute of Ecology of the RUDN, Head prof. Stanis E.V.
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