Seminar “Novel Healthcare 4.0 System Using Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence”

Seminar “Novel Healthcare 4.0 System Using Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence”

2022 The event passed
23 Dec
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Khakimov Abdukodir
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23 December at 15.00 MSK

Connected vehicles is one of the main announced use cases of the fifth generation (5G) cellular system. It is a new era of communication that is known as vehicular networks and comes with many forms and services. Vehicular networks provide all services associated with the deployment of autonomous vehicles and the exchanged data between nearby vehicles. Such systems require full coverage, ultra-high reliability and availability, ultra-low latency, and high system flexibility as per the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

These announced specifications of vehicular networks make the design and development of such networks is a challenge. These design challenges include achieving an end-to-end latency of 1ms, handling massive amount of traffic, and supporting high mobility. To this end, we consider improving the performance of vehicular networks, in a way that meets the announced requirements, by introducing novel technologies to the traditional structure of the vehicular networks. Mobile edge computing (MEC) and software defined networking (SDN) are recent paradigms that can be deployed for vehicular networks to improve its performance. Introducing MEC to the access network of the vehicular network to provide the computing resources at the edge of the network will be the first part of this work.

This will reduce the end-to-end latency, reduce the network congestion, achieve higher reliability, and increase the network flexibility. The second part will consider deploying SDN paradigm in the core of the network to provide the required control and management. The integration of MEC and SDN network will be developed in a way that achieves the announced requirements of vehicular networks. The final part of the work, will consider evaluating the developed MEC/SDN vehicular network over reliable simulation and emulation environments.


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