Seminar “Periodic wave solutions in neural field mathematical models”

Seminar “Periodic wave solutions in neural field mathematical models”

2021 The event passed
24 Jun
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Cristina Leon
+7 (495) 955-09-68
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24 June at 16:30 MSK

In the middle of the last century, a promising area of ​​research in the field of the functioning of neural networks in the cerebral cortex began to actively develop. Research in this direction has a wide practical application. However, the functioning of brain networks remains an open question today. The study of signal transmission between areas of the cerebral cortex is an important problem, the solution of which can significantly affect the therapy of patients with injured areas of the cerebral cortex.

In this work, solutions of the type of periodic traveling waves are obtained for a neural field mathematical model, and the properties of these solutions are investigated, depending on the initial conditions and on the parameters of the model.



Olga Udovenko, master's Student of the S.M. Nikol’skii Mathematical Institute of Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

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