Cluster of streamlined synthesis of natural compounds
Cluster of streamlined synthesis of natural compounds




Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC)


Santosh Tilve

PhD, Professor Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Goa

Structural unit: Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC).

The Center’s activities aim at:

  • scientific research in accordance with the academic field of the synthesis of natural compounds;
  • development of innovative methods and technologies for obtaining important biologically active substances.

The Center’s goal is to research and study natural compounds and to discover ways for their laboratory synthesis as well as to search and analyze previously unknown preproducts and catalysts for their subsequent usage in various catalytic reactions 

The Center's objective is to solve problems related to the chemistry of metal hydrides, aromatic azides, various macrocyclic pyrazolates as well as the chemistry of glycoluril and thioglycoluril.           

Main scientific directions All directions
  • dihydrogen bonds in metal hydrides
  • crystals of aromatic azides
  • macrocyclic copper and silver pyrazolates
  • bonding of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds
  • synthesis of glycoluril and thioglycoluril

Streamlined synthesis of natural compounds as well as intermediates and catalysts for synthesis