French - Russian scientific laboratory “Dynamics of languages in a minority situation”
French - Russian scientific laboratory “Dynamics of languages in a minority situation”




Research and academic Institute of Modern Languages, Intercultural Communication and Migration


Viaut Alain Domenic

Doctor of Philology, Director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research (France)

Structural unit: Research and academic Institute of Modern Languages, Intercultural Communication and Migration.

The laboratory brings together specialists in linguistics, sociolinguistics, social psychology and ethnology for a comprehensive study of the dynamics of languages in a minority situation. Languages in a minority situation in a particular territory are inferior to another language or languages in a number of parameters, such as the number of native speakers, functional load, and status.

The work is aimed at: interdisciplinary empirical research and theoretical analysis of minority language situations of various types.

The goal of the laboratory: is to conduct comparative studies of various types of minority language situations.


  • study of possible epistemological theoretical approaches in the field of describing and investigating the dynamics of minority languages and language contacts;
  • comparative study of key concepts, theoretical constructs and terms of macro -sociolinguistics in Russian and European schools;
  • development of a general program for the study of specific language situations based on such theoretical constructs as: norm, standard, linguistic boundary, autonomy/integration, social image of the language, cultural identity, the need for language;
  • study of specific linguistic situations.
Main scientific directions All directions
  • comparative interdisciplinary study of languages and cultures in various social and situational contexts;
  • research of migration processes and ways of socio- cultural adaptation of migrants;
  • study of the dynamics of minority languages and languages in a minority situation, including migration languages;
  • development of a typology of languages in a minority situation based on parameters related to territorial dynamics, dynamics of language planning and dynamics of standardization;
  • sociolinguistic categorization of the language space (allocation of categories such as state language, official language, native language, etc. depending on the social functions and roles of the language being studied); identification, institutionalization and socialization of the minority idiom;

Monograph “Minority Languages: Comparative Approach and Categorical Configuration from West to East” was prepared by A. Viaut and S. A. Moskvicheva; accepted for publication in Springer publishing house (year of publication - 2019).

Grant from the Center for Franco-Russian studies in Moscow to conduct a scientific study “Nomination des variétés de langue minoritaire et identification sociolinguistique, comparaison franco-russe (tatar Vs occitan et basque)” (“Nomination of minority language variants and sociolinguistic identification (comparison of Tatar, Occitan and Basque languages”) (2019).

Competition for research projects in the field of “Modern languages” on the topic “Functional dynamics and representation of languages and cultures of internal and external migration in an urbanized environment” was won.