Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis
Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis




Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC)


Eric Van der Aiken

PhD, Professor of Organic Chemistry Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of Laboratory LOMAC, University of Leuven, Belgium.

Structural unit: Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC).

The Center’s activitiy is aimed at:
⦁    research activities in the synthesis of natural compounds based on domino-reactions and highly selective reagents;
⦁    development of innovative methods and technologies for searching, obtaining and studying new bioactive substances

Goal of the Center – the study and preparation of significant chemical compounds by asymmetric catalysis and various methods of solid phase synthesis

The Center’s Objectives – solving chemical problems of domino-reactions, searching for highly effective and inexpensive selective reagents and also searching for and obtaining bioactive substances that could be applied in pharmaceutical and medical chemistry

Main scientific directions
  • study of new domino-reactions
  • synthesis of bioactive substances
  • search for new efficient and highly selective reagents

Development of new methods for the synthesis of natural compounds and their analogues based on domino-reactions and highly selective reagents to search for new bioactive substances