Molecular design and synthesis of innovative compounds for medicine
Molecular design and synthesis of innovative compounds for medicine




Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC)


Andrey Malkov

PhD, Professor of Chemistry Professor of Organic Chemistry, Loughborough University, England

Structural unit: Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC).

The Center’s activity is aimed at:

  • research activities in synthesis of bioactive azaheterocycles based on domino-reactions of oxacarbenium ions;
  • development of innovative methods and technologies for the preparation and study of vinyl iminium ions and donor-acceptor cyclopropanes

Goals of the Center:

the research and study of chemical compounds and methods for their rational and economical synthesis;
search and analysis of previously unknown preproducts and bioactive compounds with potential application in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Center’s Objectives – solution of chemical problems of heterocyclic compounds, nitroalkanes, ionic liquids, surfactants as well as searching for new, previously unknown and unexplored PD-sensors  

Main scientific directions All directions
  • study of cascade reactions in synthesis of heterocyclic (nitrogen, oxygen) compounds;
  • nitroalkane reactions in polyphosphoric acid;
  • potentiometric PD-sensors based on various organic membranes;
  • ionic liquids based on tetrasubstituted arenes with quaternary ammonium fragments;
  • nickel electroplating from aqueous solutions containing aminopolycarboxylic and carboxylic acids;

New approaches to the synthesis of bioactive aza-heterocycles based on domino-reactions of oxacarbenium ions, iminium ion vinyls and donor-acceptor cyclopropanes.