RUDN University Main Publications

RUDN University Main Publications

RUDN University scientists publish results of their scientific researches in highly-recognized in whole world and indexed in international databases journals (Web of Science, Scopus ect.). That, of course, corresponds to the high status of the University and its international recognition. Publications of June-September 2017 ( In Journals of categories Q1-Q3)

1. Time-dependent energy and resource management in mobility-aware d2d-empowered 5g systems

Orsino, A., Samuylov, A., Moltchanov, D., Andreev, S., Militano, L., Araniti, G., Koucheryavy, Y.


The 5G mobile networks are expected to offer higher degrees of radio access heterogeneity across a wide range of technologies (LTE, WiFi, mmWave, etc.), which operate in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum providing dissimilar data rates and coverage. In light of the stringent requirements in terms of resource and energy efficiency, the performance optimization of such heterogeneous 5G systems becomes an involved task that demands abundant information on the states of users to solve a complex, large-scale optimization problem. However, the unpredictable mobility of communicating entities, including dual mobility of D2D partners, may lead to a rapid deviation from the initial, optimized system state and thus requires frequent re-optimizations of the entire network. In this article, we aim to deliver a comprehensive tutorial on the implications of system-wide energy and resource management with the emphasis on its time-dependent behavior. Proposing a novel network-centric 5G optimization framework, we employ insights from the random walk and Markov chain theories, and also confirm our findings with an extensive system-level simulation campaign. These results reveal an exponential performance degradation rate that primarily depends on the average user speeds. Together with reporting the divergence exponents for different 5G system configurations, we also provide practical insights into how to exploit them in order to non-incrementally improve the throughput and energy performance of the network

2. Intricacies of ligand coordination in tricarbonylchromium(0) complexes with ortho- and para-fluorobiphenyls

Guzei, I.A., Spencer, L.C., Buechel, S.C., Kaufmann, L.B., Czerwinski, C.J.


The steric and electronic factors that influence which of the two rings of a substituted biphenyl ligand coordinates to chromium are of interest and it has been suggested that haptotropic rearrangements within these molecules may be limited if the arene-arene dihedral angle is too large. Two tricarbonylchromium( 0) complexes and their respective free ligands have been characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. In the solid state, tricarbonyl[(1’,2’,3’,4’,5’,6’-eta)-2-fluoro-1,1’-biphenyl] chromium(0), [Cr(C12H9F)(CO)(3)], (I), exists as the more stable isomer with the nonhalogenated arene ring ligated to the metal center. Similarly, tricarbonyl[(1’,2’,3’,4’,5’,6’-eta)-4-fluoro-1,1’-biphenyl] chromium(0) crystallizes as the more stable isomer with the phenyl ring bonded to the Cr-0 center. The arene-arene dihedral angles in these complexes are 55.77 (4) and 52.4 (5)degrees, respectively. Structural features of these complexes are compared to those of the DFT-optimized geometries of ten tricarbonyl[(eta(6)-C6H5)(4-F-C6H4)] chromium model complexes. The solid-state structures of the free ligands 2-fluoro-1,1’-biphenyl and 4-fluoro-1,1’-biphenyl, both C12H9F, exhibit arene-arene dihedral angles of 54.83 (7) and 0.71 (8)degrees, respectively. The molecules of the free ligands occupy crystallographic twofold axes and exhibit positional disorder. Weak intermolecular C-H center dot center dot center dot F interactions are observed in all four structures.

3. Relationship between selenium, lead, and mercury in red blood cells of Saudi autistic children

Ansary, A., Bjorklund, G., Tinkov, A.A., Skalny, A.V., Al Dera, H.


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Environmental contribution to ASD is due in large part to the sensitivity of the developing brain to external exposures such as lead (Pb), and mercury (Hg) as toxic heavy metals or due to a poor detoxification ability as the phenotype of this disorder. Selenium (Se) as an antioxidant element that counteracts the neurotoxicity of Hg, and Pb, presumably through the formation of nontoxic complexes. In the present study, Pb, Hg, and Se were measured in red blood cells (RBCs) of 35 children with ASD and 30 age- and gender-matched healthy control children using atomic absorption spectrometry. Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) analysis of the obtained data was performed to measure the predictive value of their absolute and relative concentrations. The obtained data demonstrates a significant elevation of Hg and Pb together with a significant decrease in the Se levels in RBCs of patients with ASD when compared to the healthy controls. The ratios of Se to both Pb and Hg were remarkably altered, being indicative of heavy metal neurotoxicity in patients with ASD. In conclusion, the present study indicates the importance of Se for prevention and/or therapy of heavy metal neurotoxicity

4. The spectral estimates for the Neumann Laplace operator in space domains

Gol’dshtein, V., Ukhlov, A.


In this paper we prove discreteness of the spectrum of the Neumann Laplacian (the free membrane problem) in a large class of non-convex space domains. The lower estimates of the first non-trivial Neumann eigenvalue are obtained in terms of geometric characteristics of Sobolev mappings. The suggested approach is based on Sobolev-Poincare inequalities that are obtained with the help of a geometric theory of composition operators on Sobolev spaces. These composition operators are induced by generalizations of conformal mappings that are called as mappings of bounded 2-distortion (weak 2-quasiconformal mappings). © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

5. Temperature switchable Bronsted acid-promoted selective syntheses of spiro-indolenines and quinolones

Fedoseev, Pavel., Van der Eycken, Erik.


A high-yielding, temperature switchable divergent approach towards the synthesis of either spiro-indolenines or quinolines is described, starting from easily available indolyl ynones. The application of TFA at rt promotes the dearomatization of the indole, resulting in the formation of the spiro-indolenine, while at higher temperature, rearrangement results in the formation of the quinolone

6. Coordination Chemistry of Anticrowns. Isolation of the Chloride Complex of the Four-Mercury Anticrown {[(o,o ’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)]Cl}(-) from the Reaction of o,o ’-Dilithiooctafluorobiphenyl with HgCl2 and Its Transformations to the Free Anticrown and the Complexes with o-Xylene Acetonitrile and Acetone

Tugashov, Kirill I., Gribanyov, Dmitry A., Dolgushin, Fedor M., Smol’yakov, Alexander F., Peregudov, Alexander S., Klemenkova, Zinaida S ., Matvienko, Ol’ga V., Tikhonova, Irma A., Shur, Vladimir B.


The paper reports that the interaction of o,o’-dilithiooctafluorobiphenyl with HgCl2 in ether results in the formation of the lithium chloride complex Li{[(o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)]Cl} (11) of the four-mercury anticrown (o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4) (12) along with the earlier isolated and characterized three-mercury anticrown (o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(3) (2). The complex was identified by the reaction with 12-crown-4 and determination of the structure of the [Li(12-crown-4)(2)]{[(o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)]Cl} (13) formed. According to an X-ray analysis, the chloride anion in 13 is simultaneously coordinated with all four Hg centers of the anticrown, forming with them a pyramidal Hg4Cl fragment. The reaction of 11 (in the form of an acetonitrile solvate, 11.nMeCN) with boiling water leads to removal of LiCl from 11 and to the formation of free anticrown 12, the subsequent recrystallization of which from o-xylene affords the o-xylene complex {[(o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)](o-Me2C6H4)(2)} (14). The obtained 14 forms in the crystal infinite chains consisting of alternating anticrown units and bridging o-xylene moieties. Another o-xylene molecule in each macrocyclic fragment of the chain plays the role of a terminal ligand. In both cases, the o-xylene ligands in 14 are bonded to only one Hg center of the corresponding mercuramacrocycle. The back-conversion of complex 14 into 12 and o-xylene proceeds in the course of its thermal decomposition under vacuum at 100-120 degrees C. The reaction of 12 with acetonitrile yields the nitrile complex {[(o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)](MeCN)(2)} (15), which also forms infinite polymeric chains in the crystal. In each monomeric unit of the chain, the corresponding bridging nitrile is bonded to only one mercury atom of the anticrown moiety, whereas the other nitrile ligand is coordinated with two Hg sites. The synthesis and structure of the complex {[(o,o’-C6F4C6F4Hg)(4)](Me2CO)(2)(H2O)} (16), containing two acetone and one water ligand per molecule of 12, are also reported. Each acetone molecule in 16 interacts with only one Hg atom of 12, while the water molecule is coordinated with two mercury centers and, in addition, forms H-bonds with the oxygen atoms of the acetone species

7. Can Trans Resveratrol Plus D- Chiro- Inositol and Myo- Inositol Improve Maternal Metabolic Profile in Overweight Pregnant Patients?

Malvasi, A ., Kosmas, I ., Mynbaev, O. A ., Sparic, R ., Gustapane, S ., Guido, M ., Tinelli, A.


Objective. To investigate the effect of trans-resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum/magnesium hydroxide complex, trademark Revifast r, plus D-chiro-inositol (DCI) and Myo-inositol (MI) during spontaneous pregnancies in overweight patients in a pilot study. Study design. A one-year, prospective, randomized, doubleblinded, placebo-controlled single center clinical study was carried out on overweight pregnant women. 110 patients were randomized in 3 groups to receive: Revifast r with DCI/MI (group I), DCI/MI alone (group II) or control group (group III) for 30 and 60 days. The main outcomes were to explore the lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, TG) and glucose levels, after 30 and 60 days of therapy ., Results. No difference in systolic and diastolic parameters among 3 groups during study. All blood chemistry parameters improved compared to placebo at 30 days already, but significantly to 60 days, respect placebo. By comparing the two treatment groups, group I demonstrates significantly improved lipid and glucose parameters than group II, which are at 30 to 60 days of treatment ., Conclusion. The supplementation of Trans-resveratrol, Revifast r in addition to DCI/MI in overweight pregnant woman with an elevated fasting glucose improves glucose levels, Total Cholesterol, LDL and TG.

8. The computer-based model of quantum measurements

Sevastianov, L. A ., Zorin, A. V.


Quantum theory of measurements is an extremely important part of quantum mechanics. Currently perturbations by quantum measurements of observable quantities of atomic systems are rarely taken into account in computing algorithms and calculations. In the previous studies of the authors, constructive model of quantum measurements has been developed and implemented in the form of symbolic and numerical calculations for the hydrogen-like atoms. This work describes a generalization of these results to the alkali metal atoms

9. The tree species matters: Belowground carbon input and utilization in the myco-rhizosphere

Sommer, Janine., Dippold, Michaela A., Zieger, Sarah L., Handke, Anika., Scheu, Stefan., Kuzyakov, Yakov.


Rhizodeposits act as major carbon © source for microbial communities and rhizosphere-driven effects on forest C cycling receive increasing attention for maintaining soil biodiversity and ecosystem functions. By in situ (CO2)-C-13 pulse labeling we investigated C input and microbial utilization of rhizodeposits by analyzing C-13 incorporation into phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) of beech- (Fagus sylvatica) and ash associated (Fraxinus excelsior) rhizomicrobial communities. Plant compartments and soil samples were analyzed to quantify the allocation of assimilates. For 1 m high trees, ash assimilated more of the applied (CO2)-C-13 (31%) than beech (21%), and ash allocated twice as much C-13 belowground until day 20. Approximately 0.01% of the applied C-13 was incorporated into total PLFAs, but incorporation varied significantly between microbial groups. Saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal fungi under beech and ash, but also arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Gram negative bacteria under ash, incorporated most C-13. PLFA allowed differentiation of C fluxes from tree roots into mycorrhiza: twice as much 13C was incorporated into the fungal biomarker 18:2 omega 6,9 under beech than under ash. Within 5 days, 30% of the fungal PLFA-C was replaced by rhizodeposit-derived C-13 under beech but only 10% under ash. None of the other microbial groups reached such high C replacement, suggesting direct C allocation via ectomycorrhizal symbioses dominates the C flux under beech. Based on (CO2)-C-13 labeling and 13C tracing in PLFA we conclude that ash allocated more C belowground and has faster microbial biomass turnover in the rhizosphere compared to beech.

10. Peptides Selected Using Phage Library Variants, Effectively Inhibit Trypanosoma cruzi Infection

Kleshchenko, Yu. E ., Zhigunova, A. V ., Dalin, M. V ., Melnikov, V.


Four peptide sequences characterized by high content of hydrophobic, charged, and polar amino acids were obtained from 23 clones of M13 phage. Peptides P2 and P4 exhibited highest binding affinity for immobilized trypomastigotes. The inhibitory effects of peptides seemed to be due to blockade of certain epitopes on T. cruzi surface proteins responsible for interactions with the respective receptors of host cells

11. Crystal Structure of (2Z)-(3,3-Dimethyl-3,4-Dihydroisoquinolin-1(2H)-ylidene)nitrosoacetonitr

Polyakova, E. I ., Polyakova, I. N ., Davydov, V. V ., Ryabov, M. A ., Sergienko, V. S., Shklyaev, Yu. V.


The crystal structure of (2Z)-(3,3-dimethyl-3,4-dihydroisoquinolin-1(2H)-ylidene)nitrosoaceto-nitrile is determined (T = 150 K, R1 = 0.0435). The compound crystallizes as the E-cis and Z-cis isomers of the nitroso tautomer. Two independent molecules differ in the rotation of the nitroso group about the C-C bond between the dihydroisoquinoline group and the substituent. Analysis of bond lengths reveals their conjugation and prevailing contribution of the zwitter-ionic structures with the positive charge located on the isoquinoline fragment and the negative charge located on the substituent. Molecules having E and Z conformations are connected by the N-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bond (N center dot center dot center dot O 2.922(3) angstrom) into dimers. The N-H group of the other molecule forms the intramolecular N-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bond (N center dot center dot center dot O 2.544(3) angstrom) which closes a six-membered cycle. Electronic absorption spectra are studied, and quantum-chemical modeling of the compound is performed


Krasnov, K. A ., Kartsev, V. G ., Dobrokhotova, E. V ., Kultyshkina, E. K ., Timofeeva, T. V., Khrustalev, V. N.


N-(2-Carboxy-5-nitrophenyl)aloperine was prepared from aloperine and 2-fluoro-5-nitrobenzaldehyde and condensed with 1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid via a T-reaction with opening of the piperidine ring and formation of 1,3-dimethyl-5-{5-nitro-2-[3-(10-oxo-7-azatricyclo[,7)]trideca-11-en-12-yl)propylamino]} benzylhexahydro-2,4,6-pyrimidinetrione. The structure of the prepared compound was studied by an X-ray crystal structure analysis

13. Some Properties of Two-Dimensional Surjective p-Homogeneous Maps

Arutyunov, A. V ., Zhukovskiy, S. E ., Karamzin, D. Yu.


The properties of real p-homogeneous polynomial maps in R-2 are examined. The relation between surjectivity and the existence of a nontrivial zero is investigated. Additionally, the relation between surjectivity and stable surjectivity is studied. Examples are discussed ., ,

14. A trace formula for functions of contractions and analytic operator Lipschitz functions

Malamuda, Mark., Neidhardt, Hagen., Peller, Vladimir.


In this note, we study the problem of evaluating the trace of f(T) — f®, where T and Rare contractions on a Hilbert space with trace class difference, i.e. T — R is an element of S-1, and f is a function analytic in the unit disk D. It is well known that if f is an operator Lipschitz function analytic in D, then f(T) — f® is an element of S-1, The main result of the note says that there exists a function xi (a spectral shift function) on the unit circle T of class L-1(T) such that the following trace formula holds: trace(f(T) — f®) = integral(T)f ’(zeta) xi (zeta) d zeta,whenever T and Rare contractions with T — R is an element of S-1, and fis an operator Lipschitz function analytic in D. © 2017 Academie des sciences. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved

15. Boron — A potential goiterogen?

Popova, Elizaveta V ., Tinkov, Alexey A ., Ajsuvakova, Olga P ., Skalnaya, Margarita G ., Skalny, Anatoly V .


The iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) include a variety of disturbances such as decreased fertility, increased perinatal and infant mortality, impaired physical and intellectual development, mental retardation, cretinism, hypothyroidism, and endemic goiter (EG). The occurrence of the latter is determined by interplay between genetic and environmental factors. The major environmental factor is iodine status that is required for normal thyroid hormone synthesis. However, other factors like intake of micronutrients and goiterogens also have a significant impact. Essential and toxic trace elements both play a significant role in thyroid physiology. We hypothesize that in terms of overexposure boron may serve as a potential goiterogen. In particular, it is proposed that boron overload may impair thyroid physiology ultimately leading to goiter formation. Certain studies provide evidential support of the hypothesis. In particular, it has been demonstrated that serum and urinary B levels are characterized by a negative association with thyroid hormone levels in exposed subjects. Single indications on the potential efficiency of B in hypothyroidism also exist. Moreover, the levels of B were found to be interrelated with thyroid volume in children environmentally exposed to boron. Experimental studies also demonstrated a significant impact of boron on thyroid structure and hormone levels. Finally, the high rate of B cumulation in thyroid may also indicate that thyroid is the target for B activity. Chemical properties of iodine and boron also provide a background for certain competition. However, it is questionable whether these interactions may occur in the biological systems. Further clinical and experimental studies are required to support the hypothesis of the involvement of boron overexposure in goiter formation. If such association will be confirmed and the potential mechanisms elucidated, it will help to regulate the incidence of hypothyroidism and goiter in endemic regions with high boron levels in soil and water. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved

16. An innovative approach for fabrication of Cu2ZnSnSe4 absorber layers., using solutions of elemental metal powders

Cooper, Carl S ., Arnou, Panagiota., Wright, Lewis D ., Ulicna, Sona., Walls, John M ., Malkov, Andrei V ., Bowers, Jake W.


CT Symposium V on Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Materials held at the., 13th E-MRS Spring Meeting., CY MAY 02-06, 2016., CL Lille, FRANCE., SP E MRS, First Solar, Hanergy Solibro, MBE Komponenten, Filsom, Uppsala Univ, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin., AB An innovative approach has been demonstrated for the deposition of Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe) absorber layers. Using a unique, safe solvent combination, moving away from hydrazine, elemental Cu, Zn, Sn and S/Se can be fully dissolved at ambient conditions, with the composition easily controlled. The preparation and the spray deposition of these solutions are performed in air, allowing a quick, easy and inexpensive process. Upon selenisation, large crystals are observed which are identified as the CZTSe kesterite phase using X-ray diffraction and Raman, the latter showing no distinctive signs of any binary or ternary secondary phases. Using this method, CZTSe absorber layers have been prepared for use in thin-film solar cells reaching efficiency of 3.2%. With further device optimisation, improved device performance will be achieved. © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier

17. Exploring the relationship between canopy height and terrestrial plant diversity

Gatti, Roberto Cazzolla., Di Paola, Arianna., Bombelli, Antonio., Noce, Sergio., Valentini, Riccardo


A relatively small number of broad-scale patterns describe the distribution of biodiversity across the earth. All of them explore biodiversity focusing on a mono or bi-dimensional space. Conversely, the volume of the forests is rarely considered. In the present work, we tested a global correlation between vascular plant species richness (S) and average forest canopy height (H), the latter regarded as a proxy of volume, using the NASA product of Global Forest Canopy Height map and the global map of plant species diversity. We found a significant correlation between H and S both at global and macro-climate scales, with strongest confidence in the tropics. Hence, two different regression models were compared and discussed to provide a possible pattern of the H-S relation. We suggested that the volume of forest ecosystems should be considered in ecological studies as well as in planning and managing natural sites, although in this first attempt, we cannot definitively prove our hypothesis. Again, high-resolution spatial data could be highly important to confirm the H-S relation, even at different scales

18. Molecular and crystalline architectures based on HgI2: from metallamacrocycles to coordination polymers

Mahmoudi, Ghodrat., Zangrando, Ennio., Bauza, Antonio., Maniukiewicz, Waldemar., Carballo, Rosa., Gurbanov, Atash V ., Frontera, Antonio


Three metallamacrocycles and one coordination polymer were obtained by using coordination driven self-assembly of the HgI2 salt with four different ligands: 2,2’-butan-1,4-diylbis(oxy) dianiline (L1), 1,4-bis(2’-formylphenyl)-1,4-dioxabutane bis(isonicotinoylhydrazone) (L2), (E)-N’-(pyridin-3-ylmethylene)-isonicotinohydrazide (L3) and (E)-1-(pyridin-3-yl)-N-(pyridin-3-ylmethyl)methanimine (L4). The coordination compounds were studied by elemental analysis, FT-IR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses. Reaction of the HgI2 salt with L1, L2 and L3 yields metallamacrocycles of formula [(HgI2)(2)(mu-L1)(2)] (1), [(HgI2)(2)(mu-L2)(2)] (2), [HgI2(mu-L3)](4) (3). In contrast, the reaction with L4 under the same conditions yields a coordination polymer of formula [{HgI2(L4)}](n) (4). In addition, the X-ray structure of L2 is also reported. The influence of the flexibility of the ligand on the final shape and nuclearity of the macrocycle is also analysed. Hirshfeld surface analysis and fingerprint plots facilitate a comparison of intermolecular interactions in all compounds, which are crucial in the construction of the supramolecular architectures. Finally, some noncovalent interactions have been evaluated energetically using DFT calculations and characterized using Bader’s theory of atoms-in-molecules

19. Gold-catalyzed diastereoselective domino., dearomatization/ipso-cyclization/aza-Michael sequence: a facile access., to diverse fused azaspiro tetracyclic scaffolds

He, Yi., Li, Zhenghua., Tian, Guilong., Song, Liangliang., Van Meervelt, Luc., Van der Eycken, Erik V.


A facile and diversity-oriented access to complex tetracyclic benzo[e] pyrrolo[2,3-c] indole-2,4,7(5H)-triones through a post-Ugi gold(I)-catalyzed domino dearomatization/ipso-cyclization/aza-Michael sequence is elaborated. This process furnishes tetracyclic scaffolds in good yields from readily available precursors with unique diastereoselectivity

20. Arylhydrazone Cd(II) and Cu(II) complexes as catalysts for secondary alcohol oxidation

lassi, Raja., Ribeiro, Ana P. C ., Mendes, Marta., Rekik, Walid., Tiago, Goncalo A. O ., Mahmudov, Kamran T ., Naili, Houcine., Guedes da Silva, M. Fatima C ., Pombeiro, Armando J.


Reaction of cadmium acetate hydrate with sodium 2-[2-(4,4-dimethyl-2,6-dioxocyclohexylidene)hydrazinyl]terephthalate (Na2HL), in the presence of imidazole (im), leads to the polymeric species [Cd (im)(3)(mu, eta-HL-1 kappa OO ’:2 kappa O ’’ O ’’’](n) that is characterized by IR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. Complex I was successfully tested as catalyst for the peroxidative oxidation of alcohols (1-phenylethanol and cyclohexanol) to the corresponding ketones under microwave irradiation, with no added solvent and under mild conditions. The use of tert-butylhydroperoxide as oxidant, of TEMPO as additive, and a temperature of 80 degrees C leads in 1 h to a yield of acetophenone (from 1-phenylethanol) of nearly 70% or to a cyclohexanone yield (from cyclohexanol) of 66%. A comparison between the catalytic activity of 1 with those (also studied in this work) shown by Cu(II) complexes bearing the same or related hydrazo ligand is presented. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved

21. Diastereoselectivity of Azido-Ugi Reaction with Secondary Amines Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrazole Derivatives

Zarezin, Danil P ., Khrustalev, Victor N ., Nenajdenko, Valentine G.


The diastereoselectivity of azido-Ugi reaction with cyclic amines was investigated. It was found that the reaction with alpha-substituted five- to seven-membered cyclic amines proceeds very efficiently to provide high control of diastereoselectivity (<= 100% de) under mild conditions. Target tetrazole-derived products were isolated in excellent yields (<= 98%). The reaction has a broad scope in terms of its amine, aldehyde, and isocyanide nature. It was found that the diastereoselectivity of the reaction depends on the ring size of the starting cyclic amines. More rigid piperidines provided the highest selectivity of the reaction. Using benzyl isocyanide, the prepared N-benzyl tetrazoles can be deprotected by hydrogenolysis to form the corresponding NH tetrazoles in high yields

22. Stable exponential cosmological solutions with zero variation of G and three different Hubble-like parameters in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet model with a Lambda-term

Ernazarov, K. K ., Ivashchuk, V. D.


We consider a D-dimensional gravitational model with a Gauss-Bonnet term and the cosmological term Lambda. We restrict the metrics to diagonal cosmological ones and find for certain Lambda a class of solutions with exponential time dependence of three scale factors, governed by three non-coinciding Hubble-like parameters H > 0, h(1) and h(2), corresponding to factor spaces of dimensions m > 2, k(1) > 1 and k(2) > 1, respectively, with k(1) not equal k2 and D = 1 + m + k(1) + k(2). Any of these solutions describes an exponential expansion of 3d subspace with Hubble parameter H and zero variation of the effective gravitational constant G. We prove the stability of these solutions in a class of cosmological solutions with diagonal metrics

23. Flyby of large-size space debris objects and their transition to the disposal orbits in LEO

Baranov, Andrey A ., Grishko, Dmitriy A ., Razoumny, Yury N., Jun, Li.


The article focuses on the flyby issue involving large-size space debris (LSSD) objects in low Earth orbits. The data on overall sizes of the known upper-stages and last stages of launch-vehicles make it possible to emphasize five compact groups of such objects from the Satellite catalogue in 600-2000 km altitude interval. The flyby maneuvers are executed by a single space vehicle (SV) that transfers the current captured LSSD object to the specially selected circular or elliptical disposal orbit (DO) and after a period of time returns to capture a new one. The flight is always realized when a value of the Right Ascension of the Ascending Node (RAAN) is approximately the same for the current DO and for an orbit of the following LSSD object ., Distinctive features of changes in mutual distribution of orbital planes of LSSD within a group are shown on the RAAN deviations’ evolution portrait. In case of the first three groups (inclinations 71 degrees, 74 degrees and 81 degrees), the lines describing the relative orientation of orbital planes are quasi-parallel. Such configuration allows easy identification of the flyby order within a group, and calculation of the mission duration and the required total Delta V. In case of the 4th and the 5th groups the RAAN deviations’ evolution portrait represents a conjunction of lines chaotically intersecting. The article studies changes in mission duration and in the required Delta V depending on the catalogue number of the first object in the flyby order ., The article also contains a comparative efficiency analysis of the two world-wide known schemes applicable to LSSD objects’ de-orbiting; the analysis is carried out for all 5 distinguished LSSD groups. © 2017 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved

24. Polar protic solvent-trapping polymorphism of the Hg-II-hydrazone coordination polymer: experimental and theoretical findings

Mahmoudi, Ghodrat., Khandar, Ali Akbar., White, Jonathan., Mitoraj, Mariusz P., Jena, Himanshu Sekhar., Van Der Voort, Pascal., Qureshi, Naseem., Kirillov, Alexander M ., Robeyns, Koen., Safin, Damir A .


A novel series of Hg-II coordination polymers with a general formula [HgL(N)(3)](n)center dot n(solv) (HL = 2-pyridinecarbaldehyde isonicotinoylhydrazone; n(solv) = 0.5H(2)O (1), 2MeOH (2), EtOH (3), PrOH (4) and 0.5BuOH (5)) was prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystal structure of HL, elucidated by X-ray diffraction, comprises two independent molecules in the asymmetric unit cell, each of which is stabilized by an intramolecular hydrogen bond formed between the carbohydrazide hydrogen atom and the 2-pyridyl nitrogen atom. Crystal structures of 1-5 each reveal a similar 1D zigzag metal-organic chain [HgL(N)(3)] n, where the organic ligands bridge metal centers. These chains are extended into distinct 2D supramolecular nets by strong hydrogen bonds with the solvent molecules and/or short Hg center dot center dot center dot N supramolecular contacts. These networks were topologically classified as the hcb in 1 and fes in 2-5 underlying nets. On comparing the H-bonding patterns, it can be concluded that the lattice water molecules in 1 and methanol molecules in 2 form H-bonding interactions with the O and amide N atoms of L in the former structure and the O atom of L in the latter structure. In the remaining coordination compounds, the lattice solvent prefers the azide N atom for H-bonding. Furthermore, the existence of Hg center dot center dot center dot N interactions in 2-5 and their absence in 1 clearly highlights the importance of the size and polarity of the solvents on the self-assembly generation of Hg-II coordination polymers. A broad network of intermolecular pi center dot center dot center dot pi stacking interactions, formed between the pyridyl fragments, provide further reinforcement of crystal packing patterns in the structures of HL and 2-5. DFT based charge and energy decomposition scheme (ETS-NOCV) was applied to characterize the obtained polymers

25. Unexpected reductive transformation of 1-substituted 5-hydroxy-4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazol-2(5H)-ones and their cyclic analogs by the reaction with thiourea and hydrochloric acid

Baranov, Vladimir V ., Antonova, Maria M ., Karnoukhova, Valentina A ., Kravchenko, Angelina N.


An unexpected reductive transformation of 1-substituted 5-hydroxy-4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazol-2(5H)ones (imidazolones) and their cyclic analogs to give 1-substituted 4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazol-2(5H)-ones (imidazolinones) upon reaction with thiourea and hydrochloric acid was discovered. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved

26. Tunneling of two bosonic atoms from a one-dimensional anharmonic trap

Ishmukhamedov, I. S ., Melezhik, V. S .


We investigate the quantum dynamics of two interacting bosonic atoms confined in a one-dimensional anharmonic trap. The tunneling rate, an experimentally measurable parameter of the system, is calculated as a function of the effective coupling interatomic constant g from the ground (n = N = 0) and first excited atomic states in the trap with respect to relative (n = 2, N = 0) and center-of-mass (n = 0, N = 2) atomic motion. This allows us to investigate the initial population and pair correlation, as well as the effective coupling constant g, of the system by comparing the calculated tunneling rate with the experimental one. We observe that the only possible tunneling scenario is a sequential particle tunneling in the cases we consider. We also analyze a rearrangement (0,2) reversible arrow (2,0) of the spectrum in the limit g ->+/- 0 of noninteracting atoms

27. Gut microbiota and vascular biomarkers in patients without clinical cardiovascular diseases

Kashtanova, Daria., Tkacheva, Olga., Popenko, Anna., Egshatyan, Lilit., Tyakht, Alexander., Alexeev, Dmitry., Kotovskaya, Yulia., Plokhova, Ekaterina., Boytsov, Sergey.


The aim of this research was to study the association between the gut microbiota composition and arterial wall properties. The study included 92 participants, men and women aged 25-76 years old without clinical manifestation of chronic diseases but with the possible presence of cardiovascular risk factors. Carbohydrate metabolism examination, duplex scanning of the carotid arteries with the measurement of the intima-media thickness (IMT), the carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement, and 16S rRNA (V3-V4 regions) sequencing of the gut microbiota were performed in all participants. Higher Serratia abundance was associated with the increased IMT and CRP levels. Blautia representation was associated with IMT. Higher Bacteroides representation was associated with higher pulse wave velocity in non-diabetic subjects. Although this study had some limitations, we have demonstrated that the composition of the gut microbiota was associated both with atherosclerotic and arterial stiffness markers. © 2017 Association for Research into Arterial Structure and Physiology. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved

28. Gender inequality in Russia’s rural informal economy

Wegren, Stephen K., Nikulin, Alexander., Trotsuk, Irina., Golovina, Svetlana.


This article analyzes gender inequality in Russia’s rural informal economy. Continuation of unequal gendered roles in Russia’s rural informal economy suggests that tradition and custom remain strong. Gender differentials in time spent tending the household garden remain significant, as is the distribution of household tasks into gendered roles in ways that effect professional advancement for women. Land ownership is the domain of men, and women are not owners in Russia’s new economy. Moreover, men earn more from entrepreneurial activity, a function of how male and female services are valued and priced in society. Responsibility that is shared includes the marketing of household food. The conclusion is that institutional change is less impactful on gender inequality than persistence of culture and tradition. © 2017 The Regents of the University of California. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved

29. Development of Methodological Approaches to assessing the Quality of Healthcare Services

Dudin, Mikhail Nikolaevich., Sertakova, Oksana Vladimirovna., Frolova, Evgenia Evgenevna., Artemieva, Julia Alexandrovna., Galkina, Marina Vladimirovna.


The article presents the author’s approach to developing a methodology for assessing the quality of healthcare services based on integration of econometric and socio-economic methods. Following the presentation of the materials in the article, the following key conclusions have been obtained:., High quality of consumer healthcare services is not just a socially important parameter, but also an economically important one, describing the capabilities of healthcare facilities (healthcare organizations) to offer consumers (patients) technologically efficient and timely services that are in-demand on the market;., There are several sets of methodological concepts of assessing the quality of healthcare services in the current scientific literature, which can be classified into two main groups: methods based on subjective approach and methods involving an objective assessment of the quality of healthcare services. Methods using the subjective approach imply assessment of the quality of services through customer satisfaction, which does not always give relevant and reliable information about the state of the quality characteristics of healthcare services;., It is offered to integrate methods using objective approaches to assessing the quality of healthcare services into the unified methodological concept, which implies assessment of the quality of these services on the basis of the exponent multiplicative model. The article proposes a detailed formula toolkit to calculate indicators that form the proposed methodological model for assessment of the quality of healthcare services;., It is substantiated that objective and subjective assessments do not always match in defining the actual level of quality characteristics of healthcare services. Due to this, the paper describes the key areas that can simultaneously provide growth of the value added in the service and growth of the customer value of such services

30. Merger of Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis and C-H Activation for the Room-Temperature C-2 Acylation of lndoles in Batch and Flow

Sharma, Upendra K ., Gemoets, Hannes P. L ., Schroeder, Felix., Noel, Timothy., Van der Eycken, Erik V.


A mild and versatile protocol for the C-H acylation of indoles via dual photoredox/transition-metal catalysis was established in batch and flow. The C-H bond functionalization occurred selectively at the C-2 position of N-pyrimidylindoles. This room-temperature protocol tolerated a wide range of functional groups and allowed for the synthesis of a diverse set of acylated indoles. Various aromatic as well as aliphatic aldehydes (both primary and secondary) reacted successfully. Interestingly, significant acceleration (20 to 2 h) and higher yields were obtained under micro flow conditions

31. Effect of methyl-beta-cyclodextrin on gene expression in microbial conversion of phytosterol

Shtratnikova, Victoria Y ., Schelkunov, Mikhail I ., Dovbnya, Dmitry V ., Bragin, Eugeny Y ., Donova, Marina V.


Modified beta-cyclodextrins are widely used for the enhancement of microbial conversions of lipophilic compounds such as steroids. Multiple mechanisms of cyclodextrin-mediated enhancement of phytosterol bioconversion by mycobacteria had previously been shown to include steroid solubilization, alterations in the cell wall permeability for both steroids and nutrients, facilitation of protein leaking, and activity suppression of some steroid-transforming enzymes.In this work, we studied whether cyclodextrins might affect expression of the genes involved in the steroid catabolic pathway. Phytosterol bioconversion with 9 alpha-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-3,17-dione accumulation by Mycobacterium sp. VKM Ac-1817D in the presence of methylated beta-cyclodextrin (MCD) was investigated. RNA sequencing of the whole transcriptomes in different combinations of phytosterol and MCD showed a similar expression level of the steroid catabolism genes related to the KstR-regulon and was responsible for side chain and initial steps of steroid core oxidation; whereas, induction levels of the genes related to the KstR2-regulon were attenuated in the presence of MCD in this strain. The data were attenuated with quantitative real-time PCR.The results contribute to the understanding of cyclodextrin effects on microbial steroid conversion and provide a basis for the use of cyclodextrins as expression enhancers for studies of sterol catabolism in actinobacteria

32. Multiple operator integrals, Haagerup and Haagerup-like tensor products and operator ideals

Aleksandrov, A. B ., Peller, V. V.


We study Schatten-von Neumann properties of multiple operator integrals with integrands in the Haagerup tensor product of L spaces. We obtain sharp, best possible estimates. This allowed us to obtain sharp Schatten-von Neumann estimates in the case of Haagerup-like tensor products

33. Reaction-diffusion waves of blood coagulation

Galochkina, Tatiana., Bouchnita, Anass., Kurbatova, Polina., Volpert, Vitaly.


One of the main characteristics of blood coagulation is the speed of clot growth. In the current work we consider a mathematical model of the coagulation cascade and study existence, stability and speed of propagation of the reaction-diffusion waves of blood coagulation. We also develop a simplified one equation model that reflects the main features of the thrombin wave propagation. For this equation we estimate the wave speed analytically. The resulting formulas provide a good approximation for the speed of wave propagation in a more complex model as well as for the experimental data

34. A New Mode of Operation of Pd-NHC Systems Studied in a Catalytic Mizoroki-Heck Reaction

Astakhov, Alexander V ., Khazipov, Oleg V ., Chernenko, Andrey Yu ., Pasyukov, Dmitry V ., Kashin, Alexey S ., Gordeev, Evgeniy G ., Khrustalev, Victor N ., Chemyshev, Victor M ., Ananikov, Valentine P.


Metal complexes bearing N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands are typically considered the system of choice for homogeneous catalysis with well-defined molecular active species due to their stable metal ligand framework. A detailed study involving 19 different Pd-NHC complexes with imidazolium, benzimidazolium, and triazolium ligands has been carried out in the present work and revealed a new mode of operation of metal-NHC systems. The catalytic activity of the studied Pd-NHC systems is predominantly determined by the cleavage of the metal NHC bond, while the catalyst performance is strongly affected by the stabilization of in situ formed metal clusters. In the present study, the formation of Pd nanopartides was observed from a broad range of metal complexes with NHC ligands under standard Mizoroki-Heck reaction conditions. A mechanistic analysis revealed two different pathways to connect Pd-NHC complexes to “cocktail”-type catalysis: (i) reductive elimination from a Pd(II) intermediate and the release of NHC-containing byproducts and (ii) dissociation of NHC ligands from Pd intermediates. Metal-NHC systems are ubiquitously applied in modern organic synthesis and catalysis, while the new mode of operation revealed in the present study guides catalyst design and opens a variety of novel opportunities. As shown by experimental studies and theoretical calculations, metal dusters and nanopartides can be readily formed from M-NHC complexes after formation of new M-C or M-H bonds followed by C-NHC or H-NHC coupling. Thus, a combination of a classical molecular mode of operation and a novel cocktail-type mode of operation, described in the present study, may be anticipated as an intrinsic feature of M-NHC catalytic systems

35. A Comparative Analysis of the Accuracy Attainable for the Local Monitoring of Earth’s Surface Movements and Deformation Using the GPS and GLONASS Navigation Satellite Systems

Kaftan, V. I., Sidorov, V. A ., Ustinov, A. V.


This paper is concerned with an experiment that was intended to compare the respective accuracies of local GNSS monitoring using observations by GPS and GLONASS satellites at different elevations above the horizon. We used data from continuous daily observation sessions in a local network during 3 months in the “static” mode. An analysis of parameters that characterize the accuracy and efficiency of displacement determinations showed that the combined GPS + GLONASS data processing has the highest accuracy at elevation angles greater than 15 degrees. It is shown that the accuracy of GLONASS observations is not considerably worse than that of GPS. We note that the time-dependent variation of GLONASS observation is large

36. An Energy Dispersion Scheme Based on a Semiconductor X-Ray Spectrometer and a Broadband Monochromator for Determining the Content of Heavy Elements from the Absorption Spectra

Turyanskiy, A. G ., Senkov, V. M ., Buryak, K. A ., Marakhova, A. I ., Stanishevskii, Ya. M.


An energy-dispersion scheme for determining the con.entrations of impurities of heavy elements from the absorption spectra in the regions of X-ray photoabsorption jumps is described. A semiconductor X-ray spectrometer and a pyrolytic graphite monochromator were used to record data in a spectral band of width up to 1 keV. The initial shape of the absorption spectrum in the approximation of an isolated atom was reconstructed by means of a numerical solution of the convolution equation. The scheme provides a sharp increase in the data acquisition and measurement sensitivity. The results of measurements of the Bi and Pb contents in samples with organic matrices and determination of the thicknesses of thin Mo films on diamond substrates are presented

37. Finding the coefficients in the new representation of the solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem using the Lauricella function

Bezrodnykh, S. I.


The solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem for an analytic function in a canonical domain for the case in which the data of the problem is piecewise constant can be expressed as a Christoffel-Schwartz integral. In this paper, we present an explicit expression for the parameters of this integral obtained by using a Jacobi-type formula for the Lauricella generalized hypergeometric function F (D) ((N)). The results can be applied to a number of problems, including those in plasma physics and the mechanics of deformed solids

38. A hybrid fixed-point theorem for set-valued maps

Gel’man, B. D.


In 1955, M. A. Krasnosel’skii proved a fixed-point theorem for a single-valued map which is a completely continuous contraction (a hybrid theorem). Subsequently, his work was continued in various directions. In particular, it has stimulated the development of the theory of condensing maps (both single-valued and set-valued); the images of such maps are always compact. Various versions of hybrid theorems for set-valued maps with noncompact images have also been proved. The set-valued contraction in these versions was assumed to have closed images and the completely continuous perturbation, to be lower semicontinuous (in a certain sense). In this paper, a new hybrid fixed-point theorem is proved for any set-valued map which is the sum of a set-valued contraction and a compact set-valued map in the case where the compact set-valued perturbation is upper semicontinuous and pseudoacyclic. In conclusion, this hybrid theorem is used to study the solvability of operator inclusions for a new class of operators containing all surjective operators. The obtained result is applied to solve the solvability problem for a certain class of control systems determined by a singular differential equation with feedback

39. Elliptic Differential Dilation-Contraction Problems on Manifolds with Boundary

Savin, A. Yu ., Sternin, B. Yu.


We give a statement of dilation-contraction boundary value problems on manifolds with boundary in the scale of Sobolev spaces. For such problems, we introduce the notion of symbol and prove the corresponding finiteness

40. TI Thermal properties of channel optical waveguides based on sol-gel., materials

Gorobets, A. P ., Nikolaev, N. E ., Pavlov, S. V ., Chekhlova, T. K .


Temperature characteristics of various channel waveguides fabricated using the sol-gel technology are analyzed. It is shown that the limitation of transverse sizes of waveguides leads to significant variations in the temperature characteristics due to field concentration in the sol-gel material of the waveguide, which depends on the type of the channel waveguide and its parameters (geometrical sizes and refractive index of the sol-gel material). Recommendations on the selection of the type of waveguide and its parameters for specific applications in multiplexers, switches, optical cavities, etc. are presented

41. Topological and geometrical properties of spaces with symmetric and nonsymmetric f-quasimetrics

Arutyunov, A. V ., Greshnov, A. V ., Lokutsievskii, L. V ., Storozhuk, K. V .


The properties of spaces equipped with a topology defined by a distance function are studied. The considered distance function is not necessarily symmetric but satisfies the so-called f-triangle inequality, which is a weakened version of the usual triangle inequality. Sufficient conditions for metrizability of such spaces are proposed. A construction of a quasimetric topologically equivalent to a given f-quasimetric is proposed.


Abashidze, A. Kh ., Ilyashevich, M. V ., Solntsev, A. M .


On April 19, 2016, in The Case Concerning the Resolution of the Question of the Possibility to Execute in Accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 4 July 2013 in the Case of Anchugov and Gladkov v. Russia in Connection with the Request of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (Anchugov & Gladkov (Russ.)), the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (Constitutional Court) held that decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) are binding on Russian courts, in accordance with Article 15(4) of the 1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation.(1) At the same time, the Constitutional Court stressed the necessity of ensuring a reasonable balance between the obligation to implement ECtHR judgments and respect for the fundamental principles of the Russian Federation’s constitutional system. The Constitutional Court found that because the ECtHR judgment in question implicitly conflicted with provisions of the Russian Constitution, Russian courts are not obliged to comply with the judgment regarding issues that remain in conflict; however, other means are available to the Russian legislature to give effect to the judgment. While the decision marks an important development in Russia’s relationship with the European system of human rights, it is not inconsistent with the approach taken by a substantial number of European domestic courts in holding that treaty obligations to enforce decisions of international courts cannot justify violating domestic constitutional norms

43. Evaluation of Contamination of Poultry Meat and Semi-finished Products with Campylobacter Bacteria

Khomenets, Nikolay., Gurina, Regina., Khairova, Nadiya., Nityaga, Inga.


Purpose: The scope of the paper was the assessment of the contamination (or monitoring) of poultry meat and semi-finished products with Campylobacter (“from the retail network and farms” may be added), using the culture identification technique and the polymerase chain reaction method, as well as the evaluation of the antibiotic resistance of strains isolated from poultry meat and semi-finished products. Materials and Methods: The experimental part of the work was carried out on the basis of the Institute of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Biological and Food Safety of the Moscow State Institute of Food Production and the Federal Publicly Funded Institution of Science “FIC of Nutrition and Biotechnology” at the Nutriicrobiome Biosafety and Analysis Laboratory. The GOST ISO 10272-1-2013″ microbiology of food and animal feeds. Methods for the detection and counting of Campylobacter spp., Part 1. Detection method" was used in the work performed to isolate and identify the Campylobacter spp., Pure growths were identified per totality of cultural, morphological, and biochemical signs confirming the belonging of the isolated cultures

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03 Nov 2017
RUDN University organized the first 5G Summit R&D Russia on June 19 - 20, 2017
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29 Jul 2019
New catalyst for oxidation and amidation

Chemist from RUDN received a new structural type of compound that includes atoms of metals (copper and sodium) in the frame structure, in the form resembling a bicycle helmet. The compound exhibits catalytic activity in two important organic synthesis reactions. Development can be used in the context of creating new catalysts for the chemical industry. The work of scientists published in the journal Dalton Transaction.

29 Jul 2019
RUDN Biochemists Discovered an Enzyme to Stop Cell Death

RUDN biochemists found out that apoptosis (programmed cell death) can be regulated using the EndoG enzyme. The discovery will lead to better understanding of cell and tissue protection mechanisms. The results of the study were published in the Biochimie journal.

29 Jul 2019
Earth Has Dust Cloud Satellites Mathematicians Confirm

RUDN mathematicians confirmed that the Earth has other satellites besides the Moon - cosmic dust clouds that are difficult to observe. A hypothesis about their existence had been developed 60 years ago, but first confirmations were obtained only last year. The calculations of RUDN mathematicians give a mathematical proof of the obtained data and will be used to plan space missions.

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