International educational platforms open access for RUDN students

International educational platforms open access for RUDN students

In October and November, RUDN students have access to the English-language resource collections.

In October and November, RUDN students have access to the English-language resource collections.

Access to the resources via RUDN IP-addresses. Remote access via connection to the RUDN proxy server

Questions and feedback: library@rudn.ru

  • Annual Reviews’ Complete Collection of journals includes 48 active titles on a wide variety of topics that are ranked as high impact factor journals.
  • Future Medicine Collection of Future Science Group Publishers provides scientific communities and researchers with collections of journals in cutting-edge fields of medicine
  • The Science & Technology; Social Science & Humanities; and Medical Libraries collections of Taylor & Francis, an international academic publisher of scholarly journals and books in all fields of the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences, technology, and medicine.
  • The Microbiology Society brings together the knowledge of scientific communities from all microbiological disciplines from around the world.
  • Sage Publications’ Sage Premier database includes more than 1,000 journals in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and medicine.
  • The American Medical Association’s JAMA Network collection of peer-reviewed medical journals that publish original research, reviews, and editorials covering all aspects of biomedicine.
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03 Nov 2017
June 22 - 26, 2017 in Barnaul, Altai State University, took place the Summer Academy of the BRICS Youth Assembly, an international event that brought together representatives of different countries
30 Jan 2018
The conference on international arbitration, where law students from European universities simulate court proceedings and alternately defend the interests of the respondent and the orator.
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21 Oct
RUDN University students won prizes at the International Mathematics Competition for University Students

Second- and fourth-year students of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences majoring in Mathematics Serafim Vinogrodsky and Alexander Kirilenko took third place in the individual competition at the International Mathematics Olympiad among students.

21 Oct
Reporting and systematization: Employees of the RUDN University research department have registered a database of intellectual property records

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property has registered the RUDN University intellectual property database. The database is available to potential partners and is promising for commercialization.

21 Oct
RUDN astrophysicists prepare the second volume of the special issue 'The Future of Mathematical Cosmology' in the Proceedings of the British Academy of Sciences

Professors Spiros Kotsakis (Greece) and Alexander Efremov (Russia) from the Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology at the RUDN were the first Russian university editors invited by the British Academy of Sciences (Royal Society) to organize a special issue of ‘The future of mathematical cosmology’, the oldest scientific journal in the world, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

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