"Macroscociolinguistics and Minority Languages" – a new scientific journal

"Macroscociolinguistics and Minority Languages" – a new scientific journal

On the basis of the Institute of Modern Languages, Intercultural Communication and Migration (IMLICaM), a new scientific journal — online publication — "Macroscociolinguistics and Minority Languages" has been created. The editor-in-chief is Svetlana Alekseevna Moskvicheva, Director of IMLICaM, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

The journal "Macroscociolinguistics and Minority Languages" will publish articles in both Russian and English, as well as in minority languages - the languages of the national (ethnic) minority. The publication is aimed at solving issues in the areas of language policy, functional stratification of languages in various language situations, research of psychological components of language situations, normalization and codification of minority languages.

Relevance and subject matter

  • highly specialized;
  • It is connected with the disciplinary field of macrosociolinguistics, as well as language law and psycholinguistics;
  • the subject area includes the problems of language contacts and language situations, sociolinguistic dynamics, language policy and language planning, social ideas about language. 

Goals and objectives

  • to develop scientific cooperation between Russian and foreign sociolinguists, as well as specialists in related fields;
  • to acquaint readers with the latest Russian and international research in the field of macrosociolinguistics;
  • publish the results of original theoretical, applied and descriptive research;
  • to educate and disseminate scientific knowledge about various language situations for a wide range of readers.

You will see

  • regular thematic issues with invited Russian and foreign co-editors;
  • a permanent column dedicated to the review of scientific papers "Macrosociolinguistics in Russia and the world";
  • a permanent educational column "Just about the difficult", aimed at a wide readership;
  • a discussion platform for discussing issues related to the preservation of languages, language policy and language planning;
  • the permanent heading "The Word to the young".

"The need for a publication that would combine various theoretical and methodological approaches in the field of minority languages research has been overdue for a long time.

What is our goal? A platform is needed for the publication of multidisciplinary studies of minority languages by methods of various fields of scientific knowledge: macrosociolinguistics, law, ethnology, history, philosophy, psychology and dialectology.

The magazine has an important social mission - the preservation and support of minority languages. In this regard, bilingual articles in Russian/English and minority languages will be published on the pages of the publication," Svetlana Moskvicheva, editor-in-chief of the journal "Macroscociolinguistics and Minority Languages"

For reference

The journal will be published 2 times a year in Russian and the languages of the Russian Federation, English, French, Spanish and Italian. International both in terms of the composition of the editorial board and the expert council, as well as in terms of authors and topics of publications.

The journal is planned to be published only in electronic form, without subscription. The minimum number of articles in each issue is 10. In addition to scientific articles, the editorial board accepts scientific reviews for consideration, and also publishes reviews of monographs, information about conferences, scientific projects, etc. The preliminary composition of the editorial board includes scientists from such countries as: Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, Canada, France, Scotland.

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