Russian universities discussed translation specialist professional standard

Russian universities discussed translation specialist professional standard

More than 70 universities and organizations representatives became participants of the V All-Russian methodological meeting "Structure and content of translator training". The event took place on October 9 in an online format. Anastasia Atabekova Vice-Rector for Multilingual Development of RUDN represented the university.

Experts in the training of interpreters and translators at Russian universities discussed the prospects of educational activities in the context of the National Occupation Standard "Specialist in Translation".

At the meeting, special attention was paid to the problems of conjugation FGOS 3++ with a professional standard. The relevant issues were reflected in detail in Evgenia Vorobyeva’s report Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department of Scandinavian, Dutch and Finnish Languages of the Faculty of Translation, Moscow State Linguistic University.

RUDN professor Anastasia Atabekova, in her comment on Evgeniya Vorobyeva's report, stressed the importance of ensuring that the professional competencies of a future specialist in translation, indicators of their formation and their meaningful descriptors, on the one hand, should be coordinated with the job functions and actions that are defined in the professional standard. On the other hand, they should be reflected in the development of university educational programs for training interpreters considering the didactic traditions and tracks of each university that implements interpreter training programs.

The approval of the professional standard "Specialist in the field of translation" has an important socio-economic importance. The document defines the ratio of the translator's qualification levels corresponding to these levels of generalized and special labor functions, the skills and knowledge necessary for the translator, the requirements for education and work experience of specialists of various orientation in the field of translation.


The meeting was organized under the auspices of the All-Russia Professional Union of Translators.

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