The 13th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Means of Mass Communication in a Multipolar World: Problems and Prospects" was held at RUDN University

The 13th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Means of Mass Communication in a Multipolar World: Problems and Prospects" was held at RUDN University

On November 10, the 13th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Means of Mass Communication in a Multipolar World: Problems and Prospects” was held at the RUDN Faculty of Philology. 78 researchers from leading Russian universities met at the same site.

The conference participants discussed how to create and promote an information product in the current realities, exchanged experience in the production of a media and information product, considered ethical issues of regulating the work of a journalist.

The work at the conference was carried out in the following areas: “Print and electronic media”, “Public relations and advertising”, “New Media”, “Imagology and international journalism”, “Modern Media Issues”. The sections were attended by guests of honor and leading media practitioners.

Among the special guests were:

  • Roman Serebryany, Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Candidate of Philology;
  • Svetlana Shomova, Professor of the Faculty of Creative Industries, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Doctor of Political Sciences, with the report “New Media and New Ethics: Points of Intersection”;
  • Sergey Ilchenko, Professor, Head of the Department of Radio and Television of the Faculty of Journalism of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Philology with the report “Multipolarity as a factor in the disintegration of media reality”;
  • Vladimir Tulupov, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism of the Voronezh State University, Doctor of Philology, with a report on “Modern Journalism Under the Influence of External and Internal Typological Factors”;
  • Maxim Polyakov, professor at the Department of International Journalism at MGIMO University, author and head of the graduate program “Digital Communications and New Media” at the RANEPA with the report “Battle of the Censors: States VS Digital Media Platforms”.

During the work of the sections, reports of industry professionals were presented. The participants of the section “Public Relations and Advertising” analyzed the approach of cultural centers to the coverage and promotion of their own activities, as well as the peculiarities of interaction between the audience and the media in the spheres of public life.

The New Media section presents the largest number of studies. The speakers raised topical issues of the modern functioning of social networks, digital platforms, instant messengers, online media and traditional media in the online environment. Ekaterina Baranova, Doctor of Philology, RSSU professor, and RSSU student Anastasia Khaynatskaya analyzed more than 60 news items and spoke about the media image of Russia using the materials of the “LA RUSSIE DE POUTINE” column on the “Libération” website as an example.

In the section “Imagology and International Journalism” 10 reports were listened to. Professor of the Department of Mass Communications of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Doctor of Sociological Sciences Valery Muzykant, in collaboration with a graduate student of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Hu Ruiqi, analyzed the promotion of the image of the PRC in traditional and new media in China. The study “Peculiarities of Hungarian Periodicals: Vasárnapi Hírek” was presented by Tatyana Pynina, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Mass Communications of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

The conference also hosted a creative workshop “Profession ’’military commissar’’ in the struggle for multipolarity.” The master class was conducted by TV journalist, actor, screenwriter and director, columnist for the Zvezda TV channel Alexei Samoletov and journalist, war correspondent Artyom Kol.

As a result of the conference, a collection of materials will be published with indexing in the RSCI database.

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