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Construction of spherically symmetric stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system of equations describing the stationary distribution of particles in a gravitational field. Obtaining sufficient conditions for confining high-temperature plasma in a “mirror-trap” fusion reactor.

Project leader

Andrey Shishkov

In the problem of describing the asymptotic properties of generalized solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations in a neighborhood of the time of the singular exacerbation of the boundary regime (i.e. boundary data), at the present time, it were found limiting restrictions on the intensity of the exacerbation leading to solutions with a non zero but finite measure of the blow- up, i.e. the so-called S-modes are described.

Project leader

Vitalii Volpert

Development and research of blood clotting models and description of thrombin production in normal and pathological (hemophilia) cases; comparison with experimental data.
The project analyzes boundary value problems for elliptic functional-differential equations in bounded domains and half-space, as well as elliptic functional-differential equations in the entire space R^n.

Project leader

Rimma Abramovich

In order to adequately select drugs and their dosage regimen (improving pharmacotherapy), the diagnostics of the cytochrome Р450 (CYP450) isoenzymes activity is of great importance.

Project leader

Viktor Chistyakov

Metabolomic research (studying body responses to pathophysiological effects by assessing the levels of low molecular weight metabolites in biofluids and tissues and their dynamics) forms the basis of the project.

Project leader

Aleksey Varlamov

Development of new methods for synthesis of natural compounds and its analogues on a basis of domino-reactions and highly selective reagents to search for new biologically active substances