Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University the Faculty of Journalism.


Candidate thesis on “Principles of Organization and Features of the Functioning of the Newspaper Editorial Department” was presented, Candidate of Philology Degree was awarded. 


Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.


Senior lecturer of the Department of Press, Radio and Television of the Faculty of History and Philology of Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University.


Associate Professor of the Department of Press, Radio and Television of the Philological Faculty of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


Professor of the Department of Press, Radio and Television of the Philological Faculty of. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Vestnik RUDN. Series: “Literary Criticism. Journalism”.


The medal “In the 850-th anniversary of Moscow” was awarded for success in teaching and research.


Doctoral thesis on “Mass Information in Russia: from the First Newspaper to the Information Society” was presented, Doctor of History Degree was awarded.


The academic title of Professor of the Department of Mass Communications of the Philological Faculty of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia was awarded.


Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies of the Faculty of Journalism and Humanities at the University of the Russian Academy of Education.


Member of the dissertation Council at the Faculty of Journalism of Voronezh State University (VSU) in the direction of "Philological Sciences" (specialty: “Journalism”).


Deputy Chairman of the dissertation Council at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in the direction of “Philological Sciences” (specialty: “Russian literature”, “Journalism”).


Member of the editorial Board of the scientific journal “History of National Media” (Lomonosov MSU, Faculty of Journalism).


Member of the Presidium of the Council of the “Association of Researchers of the Activities of Information Services and Mass Media”.


Lecture courses for bachelors of the direction “Journalism”, “Advertising and Public Relations”, “Television”:

  • “Journalist’s work in a newspaper”;
  • “History of Russian Journalism”;
  • “Production Processes in the Media”;
  • “Theory and Practice of Mass Media”;
  • “Printing”.

Courses for masters of the direction “Journalism”:

  • "Introduction of the information production to the Organization”.

Courses for postgraduate students of the direction “Journalism”:

  • “Journalism”.


  • The author of three major bibliographic reference books: “History of Russian Periodicals (1703-2003)” in 2 volumes (co-authored), "Media System”, “Advertising, Public Relations, Management and Marketing”.
  • The developer of the first holistic concept of the historical development of mass information in Russia - from the first printed newspaper to the information society (1702-2001). The concept is to have an influence of mass communication on the course of historical development of Russian society, especially in the new market conditions, as well as the constructive use of the media in overcoming the systemic crisis in Russia. New functions of the editorial teams of the media were defined and a new form of activity of the audience as a subject of the information process was identified.
  • 260 scientific and educational works were published, including 7 monographs, 24 manuals, 33 articles in the journals included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC).

Scientific interests

  • Mass information processes in their historical development.
  • History of Russian Journalism (XVIII-XIX centuries, the twentieth century, post-Soviet Russia).
  • Principles of organization of editorial work and management of editorial staff in the era of convergent and multimedia media.
  • Modern information production.
  • Mass media as an instrument of self-government of the people.
  • Journalist's work in the press: planning of editorial activities, the process of issue of the newspaper, interaction with the audience.
  • Audience in the mass communication system.
  • The contents and genres of mass media.
  • Journalism education.
  • Screen communication in modern society.
  • Compilation of biographical and bibliographic dictionaries and reference books.
The monograph by O.D. Minajeva performs a deep comprehensive analysis of domestic women periodical press in 1920-1930s which played an important role in forming a 'new' human for the life in communist society. The author attempts to explore the activity of party magazines in dealing with so-called 'women's question' in the USSR during this period. It should be mentioned that this attempt was rather successful. The work presents the history of establishment and functioning of central party magazines for women, their role in the process of women's emancipation during pre-war years, translation of new values and gender concepts, new life scenarios for women.
The article examines the problems connected with the influence of new computer-based technologies on mass media production process; restructuring of editorial boards and publishing process in connection with convergence and multimediatisation. The paper analyses present forms of mass media consumption and the emergence of the concept of a media platform involving different formats of mass media’ presentation of information that meet the needs of the audience. The article examines the editorial boards restructuring aimed at professional roles devolution, rather than the increase of personnel. The traditional mass media that have moved toward convergence rearrange their work in accordance with multimedia principles. Besides, the article covers multiple examples of multimedia editorial boards that diversify forms of delivering news and create new synthetic media genres. The authors define terms related to multimediatisation. The digital transformation of media industry should involve changes in the professional education and training of journalists. That is why the Russian universities continue to improve teaching methods in the field of convergence journalism by training students as multipurpose journalists who could create content for different media and apply mobile technologies. The journalist department of the philological faculty at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia offers such educational program.
The paper focuses attention on the study and application of the dialogical model of education within the system of higher education, which has been discussed by specialists for a certain length of time. This concerned, above all, the bachelors’ and masters’ levels of education. Doctoral education, which until recently was listed as a postgraduate stage of education, was not included. However, in practice, with an increase in the level of education, feedback from students and dialogue delivery of educational material becomes more effective and valuable. Young researchers require a different approach than younger students. A mutual evaluation of the educational materials, conducting classes in the form of talks and discussions appeal to them. Therefore, today there is an urgent need to consider new models of education in higher education at the postgraduate level. In the framework of this paper, the possibility of introducing and implementing a dialogue model of education in postgraduate programs for the training of research personnel is being considered. The article outlines the possible ways of its implementation, described in the works of Western researchers. In addition, the very concept of dialogue learning is revealed, and its features are explored. Comparative analysis of approaches to dialogue education in Western and Russian educational institutions for the training of research personnel is given, primarily in the scientific and pedagogical field. Successful implementation of this new approach is facilitated by new media technologies that have been introduced to universities together with the computerization of the educational process.

Information about the defended postgraduate students

Indira Mambetova
Country: Kazakhstan
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Actual problems of press of Kazakhstan (1991-2016)
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis research is devoted to the analysis of factors of Kazakh periodicals market transformation in the post-Soviet period, to identification of main issues in order to forecast trending for its further development and to search the most effective models of functioning. The main stages of the formation information market of the country, the current state of the national press market are considered in the thesis. Studied the problems which need to be addressed in order to optimize the press activities: involvement of the media, economic dependence on state orders, imperfect legal framework, the safety of journalists, problems of information sovereignty and information security of the country, language problems and noncompetitiveness of Kazakh press, newspapers and magazines circulation falling, the necessity of transformation of the paper publications into the convergent media. In the practical part of the thesis analyzes the content, genre and language characteristics of media texts, published in the leading Kazakh media.

Campos Ivandro Artur Pires De
Country: Angola
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Image of Angola in the contemporary British Media
Annotation to the dissertation: This paper is a description of Angola’s image in the British media. In this study on the example of Angola is shown the place of the media in the modern structure of international society. This paper analyzes the features of formation of the image of Angola in publications in leading British media: The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Financial Times, Reuters and The Daily Telegraph. The time frame of the study covers the period from June 1, 2013 on September 15, 2015 Data time frame due to the fact that it was during this period in the British media there was the greatest number of publications about Angola that helped to formulate the most relevant sample for our studies.

Nguyen Thi Diu
Country: Vietnam
Year of protection: 2017
Research topic: The image of Russia in Vietnamese online newspaper (2001-2015)
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation research is devoted to scientific understanding of the image of Russia, held in the public opinion of the Vietnamese mass audience through online newspaper of Vietnam in the period of 2001-2015. The author generalizes prerequisites of development of the Russian-Vietnamese relations and their lighting in mass media of Vietnam from the point of view of current trends in studying the image signs; conducts retrospective analysis of the Russia’s image formed by Vietnamese books and press in the period 1924-2015; reveals historical stereotypes towards Russia, existing in Vietnamese society, determining the representation of the image of Russia in mass media; examines the characteristics of online journalism in Vietnam; conducts a comprehensive analysis of the image of Russia presented in the Vietnamese online newspaper in the period 2001-2015; analyses the topic, issue, genre, stylistic and linguistic features of publications in which topics about Russia played the main part; identifies the main trends in the formation of Russia’s image in the Vietnamese online media.