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Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages trains undergraduates in Linguistics, as well as conducts all foreign language classes at the faculty. Nowadays, 9 foreign languages are taught at the department: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Latin. The Department instructors are professors and associate professors, who have broad experience in teacher training and translation, as well as native speakers. The Master's program offers a course in simultaneous interpretation. The students regularly go on educational and scientific internships to partner universities abroad or work as interpreters at major sporting, economic and cultural events.

The Dean
Yulia Ebzeeva
The Dean is Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor
+7 (495) 434-20-12 ext.: 1159
Aud : 632
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+7 (495) 434-20-12
Aud: 633

Department of Mass Communication

The Department trains journalists, as well as specialists in the field of public relations, advertising and integrated communications.

The journalist education is aimed at training a “universal specialist”, who will be in demand in various media (print, television, and Internet media) at the regional and global levels. Our PR graduates work successfully in communication, advertising and branding agencies, press services of government bodies and commercial companies.

The training is conducted in Russian and English.

Creative projects, student awards, workshops by invited professionals and media stars are an integral part of the life of the department.

The Dean
Viktor Barabash
The Dean is Doctor of Philology, Professor
+7 (495) 433-95-88
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+7 (495) 433-95-88
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Department of Information Technologies

The Department goals include teaching the students to work on computers and use applied programs created in the field of philology, linguistics, psychology, journalism and public relations, as well as introducing the undergraduates into the new information space, teaching them the latest information technologies in the sphere of science, education, and applied activities. The Department conducts its work at two at faculties of the PFUR at once: philology, and humanities and social sciences.

The Dean
Ivan Kurinin
The Dean is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 1578
Aud : 719
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+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 1579
Aud: 750

Department of General and Russian Linguistics

The department provides training to all Philological Faculty undergraduates; it is represented by a team of researchers, whose works on current issues of general and Russian linguistics are known not only in Russia but also abroad. Virtually every instructor at the department regularly travels to EU, Asia, Africa and Latin America to assist in training Russian language specialists. In cooperation with Bordeaux Montaigne University, the department conducts a joint master program called “Russia-to-Europe: Languages and Culture”, which allows the undergraduates to obtain two degrees at once, from the Russian and French universities.

The Dean
Vladimir Denisenko
The Dean is MAN PO Academician, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
+7 (499) 936-85-84 ext.: 2584
Aud : 640
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+7 (499) 936-85-73 ext.: 2573
Aud: 643

Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

The Department trains specialists in the field of psychology, psychological counseling and pedagogy in particular. The Department has a psychological care office, which operates under the guidance of experienced teachers, and which is accessible to everyone interested; it conducts trainings under the Student-to-Mentor program, which operates at the faculty; it regularly holds seminars on psychological counseling and topical problems in psychology and pedagogy. The Department provides training within the double degree Master's program of the SCO Network University.

The Dean
Evgeny Bashkin
The Dean is Doctor of Psychology
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2433
Aud : 745
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Department of Russian and Foreign Literature

The Department provides training to all Philological Faculty undergraduates. The main task of the Department is to introduce the students into the world of literature. Literary development (in Russia, Europe, America, in the East) is based on the study of trends, writers and their pieces of work, and allows tracing the process of the humankind’s spiritual development.

The Department instructors have various scientific interests, including mythology, children’s literature, the typology of realism, poetry and prose of the silver age, postmodernism in Russian literature and prose of the Russian emigration, French existentialism, etc., thus making it possible to create option courses, which would allow the students to form a universal image of the literary world regardless their differences.

The Under the Stairs drama group has been created by the efforts of the Department’s talented teachers and students, and it puts on stage works of classical and contemporary literature. Modern writers and poets are regularly invited to meetings with students.

The Dean
Alexander Kovalenko
The Dean is Doctor of Philology, Professor
+7 (495) 433-70-22 ext.: 1182
Aud : 623
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ext. 1268
Aud: 624

Department of Russian Language and Teaching Methods

The Philological Faculty of the PFUR is a recognized world leader in teaching Russian as a second language. The students’ books created by the Department’s professors and trainers are popular all over the world: even astronauts use them. Many of the Department’s instructors have worked in different parts of the world. The Department graduates are often invited to work abroad in order to assist in creating or provide methodological support to the Russian Language Centers, teach Russian to foreigners in schools, language centers, and higher educational institutions.

The Dean
Viktor Shaklein
The Dean is Doctor of Philology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor
+7 (495) 434-07-45 ext.: 1136
Aud : 524
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Aud: 525; 526

Department of Theory and History of Journalism

While relying on the interdisciplinary approach when conducting scientific research, the Department trains future media system workers with due regard to the threats and challenges facing Russia today. The training courses and programs are aimed at forming such skills that will allow the graduates to give an expert assessment of the current state of international information processes.

Particular attention is paid to developing local knowledge in future international journalists, who know the country / research object in every detail.

The Dean
Elena Martynenko
The Dean is Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor
+7 (495) 434-43-63 ext.: 1137
Aud : 621
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ext. 1261
Aud: 647

Training course: “Modern mass media and mass communication technologies”

This optional course offers disciplines related to the practical activities of a journalist: from the basics of working in the newspaper, on radio and television to modern information technologies. The main educational base is a television and radio center, which broadcasts over the university cable network. This allows not only to conduct classes using modern equipment, but also to involve future journalists in a professional creativity process. The programs created on PFUR TV often win all-Russia and international contests. For several years, the films presented by the PFUR students have won the Crystal Arrow All-Russia Student Media and Young Journalist Annual Competition. In addition, the faculty conducts its own MEFI international film festival, which involves undergraduates from Russian and foreign universities.

The Dean
Alexander Shirobokov
The Dean is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
+7 (495) 434-05-40
Aud : Block 4
5 reasons to choose our faculty

Faculty Description

The philological faculty of the RUDN University trains professionals in the field of linguistics and literary criticism, linguistics and translation studies, journalism, advertising and public relations, psychology and pedagogy.

Educational programs of the faculty are receptive to the labor market and meet the requirements of the employer.

The professors of the philological faculty of the RUDN University are guided by such methodological principles as interdisciplinarity and a practice-oriented approach. As a result, tens of thousands of graduates from our university are enjoying demand in various professional sectors all over the world.

Foreign languages are the trademark of the faculty. Not only European, but also more exotic languages are taught here - from Arabic and Chinese to Japanese and Esperanto. Each student has a possibility to study languages professionally and get a second degree as an interpreter while pursuing the main specialty.

Russian as a Second Language (RSL) and its teaching methodology at the Philological Faculty of the PFUR are well known all over the world. This is where the first textbooks on RSL were written and tested; this is where world famous Russianists are working; this is where modern study packs are being developed. Our experts give regular workshops and lectures at European, Asian, African and Latin American universities; they contribute to proliferation of Centers of Russian Language and Culture abroad.

The faculty partner network includes over 50 foreign universities and international professional associations.

At the faculty, there are three dissertation councils for defending candidate and doctorate theses in 8 specialties of philological and pedagogical sciences:

  • 10.01.01 Russian Literature
  • 10.01.10 Journalism
  • 10.02.01 Russian Language
  • 10.02.05 Romance Languages
  • 10.02.20 Comparative, Historical, and Typological Linguistics
  • 13.00.01 General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
  • 13.00.02 Theory and Methodology of Education and Upbringing (Russian, Russian as a Second Language)
  • 19.00.01 General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology


Teaching Staff

About 300 instructors are engaged at the faculty, including 48 professors and doctors of science, 80 associate professors and candidates of sciences, 11 full members and corresponding members of various academies of sciences. Practice specialists are involved in all areas of training, too; they are journalists, specialists in communications and business, psychologists and consultants, translators and native speakers.

The faculty regularly hosts open lectures and workshops by foreign professors, poets, writers, journalists, as well as conferences and seminars in Russian and foreign languages.

Student conferences and teleconferences in foreign languages ​​allow future professionals to keep in touch with their potential foreign colleagues.

Bachelor’s Program

The basic fields of study are philology, linguistics, psychology, journalism, television, and public relations.

Master’s Program

The Master’s programs have been designed to train professionals that will be in demand in business structures, state bodies, as well as in research and educational centers.

Two fully English-taught Master’s programs are open at the faculty: Applied International Journalism, and Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, which are popular with Russian and foreign undergraduates.

The double degree programs allow the students to acquire the experience of studying abroad and receive two degrees at once: that of the RUDN  and of a foreign university. The faculty implements master's programs of network universities in SCO and CIS

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