Association of Young Scientists of RUDN University (AYS RUDN)

The RUDN University supports young scientists to make them successful in research and scientific activities. If you are interested in travelling, if you strive for international internships, working side-by-side with world-class scientists, performing interdisciplinary research in high-tech laboratories – you are welcome to the Association of Young Scientists of the RUDN University!

You are a young scientist if:

You are a Ph.D.

Under 35 and have a Ph. D. or Candidate of Sciences degree

You are a Doctor of Sciences

Under 40 and have Habilitation or Doctor of Sciences degree

You are a researcher

Under 30 and have no degree, but you are a researcher or professor, or a faculty member at a higher learning institution.

The Association protects the rights and interests of the young scientists at the RUDN University in their professional activities. It can also help them to resolve some of their common life problems.

What opportunities does RUDN University offer to young scientists?

    • Work in RUDN laboratories and centers Working together with colleagues in any of our existing laboratories or shared use centres
    • Participation in grants Guaranteed participation of young scientists in all grant applications to the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research.
    • Participation in internships and conferences Personal support for young scientists participating in international internships and scientific conferences
    • Assistance in collaboration with research institutes Assistance in creating collaborations with other research institutes and universities.
    • Implementation of projects Identification of potential partners in relevant industries for project implementation
    • Assistance in preparing for competitions and presentations Assistance in drafting applications and preparing project presentations, for example, at the “Umnik” (“Wise Guy”) and “Start” contests.

Our command

Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Goryachev
Chairman of the Association of Young Scientists of the RUDN University Associate Professor, V.A, Frolov Department of General Pathology and Pathophysiology The Medical Institute of the RUDN University, PhD in medicine
+7 (495) 434-73-03 ext.: 1985
Irina Alekseyevna Chernykh
Deputy Chairman of the Young Scientists’ Association, Senior Lecturer in the International Law Department The Law Institute, PhD in law
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2796
Sofya Garikovna Chuklina
Secretary of the Young Scientists’ Association Postgraduate student of Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of the RUDN University


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The Russian Union of Young Scientists promotes collaboration among young scientists of the Russian Federation so they can share new knowledge, develop and realize their creative potential in the scientific, technical, educational and social domains.

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