How to fight pain in a right way

How to fight pain in a right way


Evgeny Sokov


Institute of Medicine

What can a person do if his or her back hurts and dozens of medications and injections don’t help? In this case RUDN University specialists apply an easy and effective method of treatment of painful periods - intraosseous blockades. This Russian method of pain treatment was developed and implemented by RUDN University professor Evgeny Sokov. His son Peter, neurologist, follows in his father’s footsteps.

“Intraosseous blockades – is a fairly new method of treatment, previously it wasn’t common practice to inject the anesthetic directly into the bone to treat pain. The application of this method is not restricted only to the cure of painful conditions. Lately we started practicing intraosseous blockades for the treatment of different disorders of muscle tone. Now we supervise several patients with Parkinson’s disease and lumbar pain. Thanks to the intraosseous blockades not only painful condition of these patients was cured, but also parkinsonian tremor and stiffness. Definitely, this method requires further thorough examination”, Peter Sokov says.

In general, a therapeutic blockade is a modern method of treatment of chronic pain when the medication is delivered directly into the pathological centre. This “sniper injection” is administered by a doctor in the soft tissue surrounding vertebrae and relieves local pathological muscle tension and vascular spasm for a long time. Therapeutic blockade leads to the normalization of reflex relations between all levels of the central nervous.

However, these blockades don’t influence the intraosseous structures where there are a lot of important nerve endings. Evgeny Sokov proved scientifically that intraosseous nerve endings participate in the genesis of pain and the formation of many other pathological symptoms. On the basis of this discovery he developed, improved and implemented the method of intraosseous blockades that means a medical procedure in which the anesthetic using the special needle is injected into the bone marrow to block the receptors. Moreover, these blockades have shown high efficiency and safety – in 36 years of practice there have been conducted more than 30000 intraosseous blockades and there weren’t any complications. Such blockades help patients with lumbar pain to avoid operative treatment.

Evgeny Sokov is RUDN University’s Residency in neurology graduate, later he received PhD at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at University. During his studies he started practicing the method of intraosseous blockades. He started his research at University, then he got the position of the assistant of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery. Later he became the head of this Department and the head of the Pain clinic which was opened in 2003 with the help of RUDN University.

Peter Sokov, Evgeny’s son, follows his father’s footsteps. He is a neurologist and RUDN University’s Medical Institute’s graduate. Now Peter is a doctor at the Pain clinic and he treats patients with the method of intraosseous blockades.

At the Pain clinic of Evgeny Sokov a lot of patients with hopeless cases were cured. The method of intraosseous blockades is effective in the treatment of different cases – hernias, neck pains, post-traumatic pain syndromes and many other cases. This method is cheaper than operative treatment and doesn’t require expensive equipment.

For the discoveries in the medicine professor Evgeny Sokov was awarded with the Robert Koch medal in 2009 in Germany. This medal is awarded annually for excellence in the biomedical sciences. For the monograph about the method of intraosseous blockades Evgeny and other professors were honored with the certificate and gold medal of Paris book fair.

At RUDN University there is Department of Advanced training for medical workers – Institute of oriental medicine. A year and a half ago in this Institute school for practicing doctors was opened with the help of the Pain clinic. At this school the specialists in the sphere of neurology, traumatology and some fields of oriental medicine can complete a course “Intraosseous blockades in the treatment of painful conditions”. After the course is completed a student gets a certificate of advanced training. At Institute of oriental medicine there are training programmes devoted to Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan medicine, massage, yoga-therapy, etc.

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