KPMG is a leading audit and consulting company, one of the activities of which is risk management in the field of labor protection, industrial safety, environmental and the social spheres, as well as managing sustainable development. Understanding the need to develop human resources and train qualified specialists, KPMG constantly cooperates with universities, acting as a basic organization for internships.

Our cooperation with RUDN University in recent years has included joint participation in scientific and practical seminars and conferences, discussion and implementation of applied projects. Recently, a number of RUDN graduates have been working in the company, holding positions of interns, consultants and senior consultants. These are highly qualified specialists, some of them are recognized authorities in their professional field.

Among the plans for our cooperation with RUDN University is the development of a specialized practice program for students with good potential for audit and consulting activities. The company also plans to develop cooperation with RUDN University in terms of modernizing master's programs (in particular, participating in the development of the new HSE-management program combining occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety issues).

Ivan Barsola
Director, Operational risk and Sustainability, KPMG