Biochemical Technologies and Nanotechnologies

Biochemical Technologies and Nanotechnologies

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2 Year 6 Months
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At present, the world is witnessing an increase in activity in the fields of biotechnology, chemical technology and nanotechnology: state-owned enterprises are being modernized, private sector-operated enterprises are being established, various financial resources are being used, including the resources of large foreign companies, resulting in growth of demand for expertise in the field of chemistry, chemical technology and pharmaceutical industry. The Master’s course “Biochemical Technologies and Nanotechnologies” is aimed at training for operation of high-tech equipment and giving knowledge in the field of modern methods of research and analysis.
The relevance of the Master’s course “Biochemical Technologies and Nanotechnologies” is due to Strategy for Development of the Russian Chemical and Petrochemical Complex in the Period up to 2030 (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation), State programs of the Russian Federation “Import substitution industrialization” and “Development of pharmaceutical and medical industry“.

Educational Process

The course provides training of highly qualified specialists in “Chemistry“, and also involves study of nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology. During the studies students take following courses:
—Philosophical issues in chemistry;
—Current tasks of modern chemistry;
—Bioorganic chemistry;
—Physicochemical methods of analysis;
—Introduction to nanotechnology;
—Biochemical technologies for production of bioactive compounds;
—Protection of intellectual property;
—Management in professional activity;
—Development and registration of medicines;
—Basics of pharmaceutical technology and nanotechnology.


The Unit “Internship” includes academic internship, scientific and research internship, and pre-diploma internship. The academic internship takes place in laboratories and centers of The Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology or in laboratories of scientific and research institutes, analytical laboratories and R&D centers of companies. Workshops, practical training on high-tech equipment and seminars are held as a part of the academic internship. The scientific and research internship and pre-diploma internship take place in laboratories of The Institute of Biochemical Technology, as well as within various organizations where research-and-production or production in the fields of chemistry, chemical technology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, bionanotechnology are carried out, particularly within industrial enterprises, science and research institutes, scientific and production associations and scientific centers.


Graduates of the “Biochemical Technologies and Nanotechnologies” master’s program carried out by The Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology of the RUDN University can work in research and analytical laboratories of industrial enterprises and scientific organizations in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as regulatory bodies and expert organizations. Due to the large-scale modernization of production, enterprises require professionals who are proficient in modern research and analysis methods and operation of high-tech equipment.
Knowledge acquired while studying at The Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology, together with commitment and work ethic, is a major step towards professional success and prosperity.