Modern Еnvironmental Studies

Modern Еnvironmental Studies

Mode of study
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Training period
4 Year
Language of study
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Cost of education
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For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
8050 7750


A researcher in the field of ecology, environmental protection, and sustainable development is a highly qualified specialist with deep theoretical training, broad erudition, and knowledge of modern scientific methods. The most important areas of professional activity of a graduate of the “Modern Environmental Studies ” program are research and teaching.
As a result of mastering the program, graduate students acquire the necessary competencies to prepare a final work on the chosen topic, submit and defend a dissertation for the degree of candidate of Science/ PhD.

Educational Process

The three-year postgraduate program involves training in the main disciplines of theoretical training of a postgraduate student, active scientific activity under the guidance of a scientific supervisor from the Russian side and a supervisor from a partner university, and active independent activity of a postgraduate student. The research results should be presented in the central scientific press and approved at specialized scientific conferences, forums, and symposiums. An important part of the postgraduate training program is pedagogical activity. Considerable attention is also paid to language training.
The key disciplines of the program ensure the formation of the necessary competencies of the graduate and include:
— Foreign language;
— History and philosophy of Science;
— Pedagogy of higher education;
— Methodology of scientific research ;
— Sustainability of natural systems;
— Academic English;
— Russian as a foreign language;
— Strategic environmental assessment;
— Urban environment;
— Experimental ecotoxicology;
— Environmental impact assessment;
— Environmental management.


Within the framework of the program, postgraduates undergo research practice on the basis of research organizations, conduct research at a partner university.
Also an integral part of the practical block is the pedagogical practice implemented at the departments of the Faculty of Ecology.


Graduates of the program receive extensive training that allows them to specialize in one of the most popular areas of modern environmental science and the practical application of the results of breakthrough scientific research.
Possible areas for employment – research organizations, universities, design and consulting companies, management bodies specializing in the field of modern environmental research and its practical application.