Mode of study
Level of study
Direction of preparation

Training period
4 Year
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
6000 5800


“I am deeply convinced that if your goal is to change the world, journalism is the most effective and fastest weapon for this,” said British playwright Tom Spoppard.
Who are journalists? Journalists cover the events in the world, thereby participating in the formation of public opinion. The work of a journalist is associated with the information search and processing. The journalist collects the necessary information by observing the events, interviewing their participants, interviewing experts, studying documents and archives. Then the journalist has to carefully study the collected material, analyze it, compare all the data and facts received. And only then will he be able to prepare an article that will be published in a newspaper, magazine or the Internet, a report that people will hear on the radio, see on TV or on the Internet.
Today, the media form the audience's picture of the world and become one of the most influential forces in the modern world, along with political, economic or military ones. A professional journalist must have the skills to use the tools to create an information product, information dissemination channels and platforms for its placement. A modern journalist is a sought-after specialist the audience will trust, watch his stories, read his texts and listen to his opinion.

Educational Process

Journalism at RUDN University implies training of a universal specialist. The modern media industry is dynamically changing and expanding, so today a journalist should not only be able to write high-quality texts or shoot videos, but also be a universal specialist who is able to quickly create a full-fledged media product anywhere. As part of the program, students receive the necessary theoretical knowledge about the communication industry, the theory and genres of journalism, types of communication, ways of presenting information and work out the acquired knowledge in practice. As a result, by the time of graduation, each student has his own professional portfolio with materials of various formats and genres, which will become the hallmark when applying for a job. The program allows students to learn all modern media tools and give them an experience that will prepare them for work in the new generation of newsrooms.


Private technical base allows students to try themselves in various areas of media industry in practice: there is an opportunity to do internships at TV and radio studios of RUDN University, to be published in the university newspaper Druzhba. In addition, students can do internships at leading Russian and international media holdings.
Professional Russian and foreign journalists, as well as professors from partner universities give lectures and master classes on a regular basis at the faculty.


Journalism at RUDN University is designed for those who want to develop in the field of media and marketing communications. Graduates who have mastered the program are already working as correspondents, editors, proofreaders, analysts in the media of any format, in entertainment, business and information publications. In addition, as a result of training, you can successfully develop in the field of PR and marketing communications, engage in copywriting or Internet promotion. Graduates will be able to create their own media brands: be bloggers, conduct audio or video podcasts on the Internet.