4th Annual Urban Soils Symposium

4th Annual Urban Soils Symposium

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11 Oct 2019
New York (USA)
About the event

4th Annual Symposium “Urban Soils: Building Better Biodiversity” will be held in New-York, USA as part of the 1st Urban Soils Fest. The Symposium is organized by the NYC Soil Institute in collaboration with the RUDN University and the US National Park Service.

 City University of New York (CUNY), New York City Hall, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and New York City Soil & Water Conservation District are co-organizers of The Symposium.

It is known that cities use 75% of the resources that people receive from the Earth. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, the influence of heat islands - these are some of the consequences and changes that cities have on the global and local environment. The Symposium will be aimed at solving problems in the field of urban soils and sustainable development of urban ecosystems. The Symposium will also be an information and educational platform that will create conditions for effective interaction and cooperation of participants and will contribute to the dissemination of the results of modern research on urban soils, improving technologies and techniques used in monitoring and evaluating urban ecosystems.

The Symposium and the Festival are focused on the participation of members of urban ecological communities, representatives of the state administration, researchers, students and all who are not indifferent to the environmental problems of the city. The scientists in the field of sustainable development of urban ecosystems, representatives of the city administration, as well as political figures will be Key-note speakers of the Symposium. More than 200 people from Europe, America, Asia and Australia will participate the Symposium.

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