Events and Invitations


28 Apr
Seminar “The New Century Situation in Teaching Chinese”
With the beginning of the new century, the exchange and cooperation between the two Russia and China in the field of education is expanding rapidly. In 2005, the two countries signed the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation about the study of the Russian language in the People's Republic of China and the Chinese language in the Russian Federation. It provides a legal basis for more active learning of each other's national language and promotion of educational exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.
Direction: Education
Event format: Seminar
27 Apr
Seminar “The structure of Calderon's dramatic text and translation methods”
The Scientific Seminar will be a mixed session with students present in person and students and professors invited online. This event will analyse the basic elements of the text such as motifs and key words as well as the key concepts of Calderon's drama The Steadfast Prince.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar