Seminar “The structure of Calderon's dramatic text and translation methods”

Seminar “The structure of Calderon's dramatic text and translation methods”

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27 Apr 2022
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27 April at 13:30 MSK

The Scientific Seminar will be a mixed session with students present in person and students and professors invited online. This event will analyse the basic elements of the text such as motifs and key words as well as the key concepts of Calderon's drama The Steadfast Prince. Participants, who have read the extracts of the original text and the translation by Pasternak, will hypothesise which words and concepts in the text could be considered key words.


The participants will be invited to come up with associations to these key words. Since associative series can either duplicate a key word (metonymy) or are predicates of it (different kinds of metaphors), participants can learn not only about the main concepts of Calderon's texts, but also about the structure of tropes. Next, we will compare some passages of Calderon's text with translations and look at a number of approaches to translating a fiction text.

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