Events and Invitations


25 May
International scientific and practical seminar “Pedagogical ideas of L. N. Tolstoy today” (to the 190th anniversary of L.N. Tolstoy Birth).
Pedagogical search of L.N. Tolstoy, at present, in the year of his 190th anniversary, is attractive because of the relevance of the problems of training, education of the younger generation. Researchers find ideas and development with a fresh, original look at the issues of modern pedagogy in Tolstoy's reflection on a new school, on a new pedagogical science. The desire to teach children to think creatively, to form their spiritual needs and moral qualities, to create a favorable atmosphere for teaching in the classroom forced Lev Nikolayevich to look for new pedagogical approaches and methods. “The science of Pedagogy can move forward not only by philosophical revelations, but also by patient and persistent experiments everywhere...”- claimed the great writer.